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Nachtschleifen ©Gabi Schaffner1 – 9 am daily
Datcha radio’s night loops are created from the submissions by our Open Call artists. We broadcast experimental and documentary works related to the theme of the preceding day for night owls, daydreamers, and early-risers. The contributions are international, of varying lengths and are aired as a two-hour loop.

To the overview:

Saturday 26th August 2017
Hortus Politicus: The focus is on sound recordings and compositions that explore and document the acoustic territory between humans and nature. 1-9 am

 Sunday 27th August 2017
“New symbioses”: snails are eating and it quietly crackles in the salad, on a beach walk along the coast of France… or is it Tasmania? The symbiotic night loop divides its attention between language, noise and the culinary. 1-9 am

 Monday 28th August 2017
“Biotopes in Future Perfect”: How can the translation of plant structures into sound be heard? What does a Sicilian tourist guide have say to the plants of their homeland? And how does it sound when a cricket called Cyclochila australasiae tires of singing? 1-9 am

Tuesday 29th August 2017
“Birds & Bees” The focus is on sound recordings and compositions that explore and document the acoustic territory between humans, nature and gardens worldwide. 1-9 am

The beginning and end of the loop are indicated by a bilingual announcement, interwoven with owl calls.



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foto: Gabi Schaffner

10-11 am
Datscha Radio’s “World Gardening” is dedicated to gardening strategies and observations from all over the world. Assembled according to the daily theme, short or long features and interview snippets, acousmatic interventions, texts and also excerpts from productions by other radio stations will be gathered here. From Zambezi to Iceland, from Germany to Australia, from England to Tasmania…

Saturday 26th August 2017
We enter a radio studio in Zambezi to talk about gardening and radio-making: a special from Radio Continental Drift / Claudia Wegener. Supplemented with Pomeranian cucumber recipes and Icelandic tomatoes.

Sunday 27th August 2017
Biotopes of the future – are they to be found in this world? Radio art from Brazil, an interview on Iceland’s horticulture, futuristic birds from Hong Kong, and two other surprises are on the programme.

Monday 28th August 2017
Urban gardens and garden-like environments, flower markets and birdsong: ethnographic sound bites from Sardinia, Tasmanian topiary art, defensive tactics of the fieldfare bird, and a literal description of London’s East End for gardeners in sound and language (en/de) congregate here.

Tuesday 29th August 2017
The “Subterranean Meditations” are devoted to the “material” and poetics of earth – in the widest sense: volcanic and glacial, stones, water, air, bacteria, caves and dwarfs.

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11-12 pm: Receiving the World!

Each evening at 11 pm, we will adjust the scales of our world band receivers to Datscha Radio 17 in order to listen to a series of  real time “Guest Streams” that will be composed especially for our festival listeners. Of course you can also listen online here.

Our guest streams are:

Foto: Courtesy Eva Ursprung

Friday, August 25
Reni Hofmüller, Marlies Pratter, Christine Braunersreuther, Eva Ursprung, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka from Graz with

“Radio Helsinki at Schaumbad [Bubble bath]”

The green devil is loose in Graz! Right-wing politicians want to dam the river Mur and cut down 16,000 trees. 1/3 of them have already been cleared. Activists are occupying trees and protecting the river. We find out first-hand what is going on!

Radio Helsinki – Verein freies Radio Steiermark is a free radio station from Graz. Since 25th March 2000, it has been broadcasting a 24hour programme as a non-commercial, local radio.


Foto: Sophea Lerner

Saturday, August 26
Sophea Lerner, Sydney

“Saturday Night Breakfast”

Feast your ears on the most important meal of the day. A late-night morning of food radio, live from another timezone with Sophea Lerner.

Radio gardener Sophea Lerner combines personal, mechanical, edible, spatial, digital and telephonic networks into dynamic, flexible, open architectures exploring sound in public space & shared listening. She believes lunch wants to be free.


Foto: Konrad Behr

Sunday, August 27
Marold Langer-Phillipsen, Datscha garden Berlin

“ArchieArchive Is Listening”

ArchieArchive  will listen to the flowers, the grass family, the trees, the guests – will converse with everyone and later also with himself. ArchieArchive is the radio alter ego of Marold Langer-Philippsen and appears – expectedly and unexpectedly – in different radio stations and contexts as a short-term archivist who occupies the airwaves.

Marold Langer-Philippsen is a radio and media artist, director, performer, designer and musician active in the fields of time-based arts with a special emphasis on public space. He produced experimental radio works for public broadcasters (ORF / BR / EBU), Ars Electronica Linz (2002/2010) and for free radio stations around Europe.


Foto: Courtesy Sally Ann McIntyre

Monday, August 28
Sally McIntyre, Radio Cegeste, New Zealand

Radio Cegeste is a micro-radio station in Dunedin, New Zealand, operated by Sally Ann McIntyre. Radio Cegeste can be heard on 104.5 FM and this evening directly on Datscha’s airwaves. McIntyre focuses her ears on the small details, her station is tiny, with small transmission power, unstable, mobile and naturally: always site-specific.


Foto: Courtesy Radio Revolten

Tuesday, August 29
Tetsua Kogawa, Japan

“Smelling Air Waves”

Do frequencies have a smell? Is a word also a wave? A stream of waves and words between the North of Berlin and Central Tokyo grows in poetical, trilingual exchange with the Datscha gardener.

His work according to “Radio Revolten”: Tetsua Kogawa cseems to identify himself as a nomad practioner of radioart or radiation art rather than his official titles of media critic and museum director. He has been challenging radical experiments of radio art using and exhibiting his invented devices in various cities of the world.

Program is subject to change. More details will follow. Stay tuned!

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2-4 pm

“Carte Verte” is an acoustic open stage for the garden friends of the ‘Einigkeit’ allotment association. Whoever turns up can go on air. With talks, favourite German pop songs, horticultural commentary and with recipes and expert knowledge on weather and water pumps.

Under the title of ‘Pollination Trips’ the garden poet Hans Kellett will listen around the gardens and arrange his vocal herbarium into new poems everyday. Plus: bbq, coffee, snacks. Happy to accept donations.


Foto: Auguste Knust
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Expanded radio means that the medium of radio becomes connected to actions and settings that evolve around situations of listening, making radio or poetic metaphors of all four.

Datscha Radio 17 now extends its horticultural realm to different countries and continents inviting gardeners and listener to our:

­­International Garden Radio Listening Club [interGARLIC]

  • Do you enjoy free radio and find radio art exciting?
  • Do you have a garden, a green yard or a balcony, do you love to picnic in the park, or do you know of a nice green spot with internet connection?
  • Then register with your own International Garden Radio Listening Club!

In the 1920s, when the radio was a brand new medium, most people could not afford this modern technology. That’s why they formed listening communities and radio clubs. Occasionally , they even built the radios and antennas themselves. We want to revive this tradition of listening to the radio in the greenery.

Public Viewing was yesterday – 2017 Public Listening is en vogue !!!

To register for DR17’s International Garden Radio Listening Club please provide:

  • Host’s name, contact and web site (if you have one):
  • Location (park, balcony, etc, public/non-public):
  • Listening Time/Date:
  • Copyright-free photo photo (with credits) of the place to be recorded for announcement and World Garden Radio map
  • Copyright-free photo photo (with credits) from the action for blog and documentation 

Disclaimer *: Datscha Radio 17 is not liable for any costs incurred in connection with the realization of an International Garden Radio Listening Club. Any fees that may be incurred are the responsibility of the local organizer.

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Only 12 hours left for your contribution to our Open Call. We are still looking forward to hear your garden sounds.

Bild: Gabi Schaffner
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Design: Susann Richter
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The Language of Plants. In: Junge Welt, 1. August 2017. Article by Rafik Will. For full text and image please click on the excerpt. 

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Photo: Ulrike Stöhring

Datscha Radio 17 is already collecting rain water, digging the soil over and sowing new sounds…. in order to be able to impregnate the ether with fabulous radio art in August. For this, the 5 ladies of the curatorial team connected to an electrified fennel and came up with a motto for each day of the festival:

Friday, 25th August: Hortus Politicus | The Political Garden
Saturday, 26th August: New Symbiosis | Plants, Fish and the Acoustic BBQ
Sunday, 27th August: Biotopes in Future Perfect | Life After the Abolition of Species
Monday, 28th August: Birds and Bees | Urban Gardening and Music For The Animals
Tuesday, 29. August: Subterranean Meditations | The Imaginary Garden

We will discuss, count rain drops and speak of bees and ants. We will savour radio streams from far away countries and fertilize the garden with sound collages. A more detailed programme schedule will be published soon. Go on now, ground your antennas and angle them towards Berlin-Rosenthal!





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