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Experimental ethnography! The sketch illustrates the various production levels of our enterprise to come – derived from a Lévi-Strauss diagram depicting his model of structural analysis.


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dr_location1arrowDatscharadio’s new location: Situated on the grounds of the national garden show, in direct vicinity to the “Schrebergardens” behind the hedges. Three elegant birches are waiting for us.

Location on the grounds of LGS:

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We won!!! Datscharadio goes Gießen! We can happily share the news that Datscharadio is one of the winners of the Gießen artist competition for the Landesgartenschau !!!! Yes :)



The pic shows our future abode: A converted ex-GDR caravan. 

More info at: http://www.gaertnerpflichten.org/home/kunstwettbewerb.html

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Sausages, Salads, Punch and Talks

While on the bus, rain torrents flooded the streets…

Later-on, a sunny spell allowed for drinking coffee in the soft afternoon light under the apple trees. Around 5 the first guests arrived, the fire was lit and we had a great party.

Thanks to all of you for your courage to visit the garden in Feb.!










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Qiez Kultur

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Berliner Woche / Berliner Morgenpost

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Der Freitag

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… weitere folgen.

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Datscha-Radio documentation out now!

125 stamped and numbered copies – one for each artist – are available: Come to our winter BBQ party on the 5th of Feb. (date not yet fully confirmed, but will be made known in time :) )

44 pages of photos and text :)


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8 Days in a Nutshell

It was Pit Schultz who had the brilliant idea to use the computer’s camera to capture Datscha life surrounding the microphones… a life which entailed almost 16 hours a day of watchful attention toward screens, mixers, usb-hubs and many more things.

Datscha-Radio 24.-31. August 2012 on Vimeo.

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Radio Kitchen









Datscha-Radio kitchen: an extensive field! Apples, cherries, plums, zucchini, carrots, tomatos and mangold come together with pasta, bread and “bratwurst”… experi-mental modes included. Without the need of hyping cooking – as done so persistantly – into an art form, and parallel to radio making, there is a need for recipes based on the  improvisation of food from the means available. And there are workflows which remain hidden to the eye… until the table is ready laid.

One of the most important “invisible” tasks of our radio kitchen was the peeling of apples! Indispensable too: Doing the dishes in between times. Great thanks here to: Phillip Haffner and the charming reboot.fm intern, and to Antonia Puscas (and her friends), Heike Puschel und Wolfgang Kriener!

Some of the most visible “kitchen works”: the grand catering done on our opening day by the team Stöhring/Pelke/de Vito with  Swabian potato salad and three other thrilling salad combinations. Along with it, the invaluably helpful support by KH Jeron in the matter of vegetable soup, apple crumble, dish-washing and tidying up. Additional thanks to Michelle for her apple-walnut tarte and to Diana McCarty for the tomato salad.

The elaborate star salads of the catering team will come as an extra blog ★ !

  • Red Beet with Yogurt and Lemon-Relish
  • Swabian  potato salad (with or without Bockwürstl)
  • “The  uncollapsable green salad
  • Cucumber salad with garlic and ground ginger


Here come the two elementary recipes of our radio kitchen. At least one of them, the “Pasta salad, NTN (Next-to-Nothing)-style can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. The other, of course is a traditional German apple (optionally cherry/plum) cake with crubles.

Next-to-Nothing-style pasta salad

500 grams pasta
1 cup sour cream
1 lemon
1/2 jar of capers
olive oil

Option: + 1 smoked trout / half a cauliflower or similar.

Preparation: Cook pasta al dente, let cool, add sour cream, a dash of olive oil, some lemon juice to taste and capers. Stir. Season with salt and pepper.

Apple crumble cake with curd

400 gr flour
120 gr melted butter
1 cube of fresh yeast
1 egg
180 ml milk
1 teaspoon coarsely grated lemon zest

200 grams of flour
100 g sugar
150 g butter
pinch of salt
Cinnamon (optional)
(Keep the crumbles in the refrigerator until needed)

1 kg of apples, peeled and chopped
250gr. curd cheese

This is the basic recipe that can be modified and refined. How to prepare the yeast dough I won’t explain, lemon peel can be kneaded in. After the dough has risen, spread on a buttered tray, spread the curd on it, arrange the apple slices, loosely scatter the crumbles on top. Bake for 35 – 40 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees.

Extra recipe (thanks to Phillip Haffner): Rosmary Gin

1 bottle of gin (not the most expensive one!)
2 twigs of rosemary

Preparation: put the twigs into the bottle, take it to a dark spot (i. e. cupboard), wait for 3-4 days (or nights), decant or take the twigs out. Serve. Good with ice.

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Pomeranian Cucumbers









Our garden neighbour from patch no. 488 confided in us the cucumber recipe of his mother. This is what he says:

Pommersche Gurken



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Woodruff Punch… and how to make it!









Most interesting question I found myself asked when serving the “Waldmeister-Bowle”: “Now, is it poisenous? Will I see/feel  differently?” My usual answer: “No, it is not. And well, if you start seeing tiny green ladies in the grass waving their flower-shaped umbrellas at you… this is something which might just happen.”

Woodruff grows in the woods… and of course, in the Datscha garden.

Procedure of preparation:

  • Pick the plant in late April/early May
  • Let it wilt in the sunshine (important!)
  • Bundle it up
  • Prepare a solution of sugar in hot water (500 ml at least)
  • Put the bundles in with their stalks turned up.
    (This keeps the most part of the coumarin out, whereas the aroma seeps into the sugary solution)
  • Let rest for at least 3 hours or overnight
  • Strain the essence (with a coffee filter or similar)
  • Pour it into a small bottle or decanter for immediate use.

The pictures in the gallery illustrate the above.

For the cold punch you need:

  • 200-350 ml of woodruff essence
  • 2 bottles of dry white wine
  • 1 bottle of sparkling water

… to be refilled according to the wishes of your guests.


Botanical info:
Galium odoratum
 syn. Asperula odorata, is a flowering perennial plant in the family Rubiaceae, native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. A herbaceous plant, it grows to 30-50 cm (12-20 ins.) long, often lying flat on the ground or supported by other plants. Its vernacular names include woodruffsweet woodruff, and wild baby’s breathmaster of the woods would be a literal translation of the German Waldmeister. It owes its sweet smell to the odiferous agent coumarin, and is sometimes used as a flavoring agent due to its content of this chemical.

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