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Dec 15: Nachtgartenkosmos on tesla.fm/Barcelona

Datscha Radio's sound collage "Nachtgartenkosmos", produced in October 2020 for Cashmere Radio, Berlin, has traveled on to Barcalona! On December ...
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Sound Gardening@Radiophrenia

Radiophrenia's radio sun is shining... night and day. From today, November 9 to November 22, 2020. Datscha Radio is happy ...
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Fluctuations / Datscha Radio © Gabi Schaffner

Fluctuations: Datscha Radio at FIREFLY

Datscha Radio will explore in radiophonic expeditions the unusual biotope of the Floating University and the program of the festival ...
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Beyond the Universe

Dear artists, participants, guests and listeners, „Listening to the Universe“ from August 11 to August 13, turned out to be ...
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Telegram to the Stars

Have you got your wishes ready for the falling stars? We’ll help them travel the aether and further and further…Datscha ...
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Open Call Artists

Dear Open Call Artists! Thank you for your excellent, intricate and lovingly created submissions. All in all some 50 tracks ...
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Artists in the garden The Datscha Radio Festival "Listening to the universe" is already casting out its beams: of late, ...
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datscharadar © gabi_Schaffner

Press Release

“Listening to the Universe – Radiophonien des Alls“ A radio art festival by Datscha Radio2:04 pm, August 11 until 2 ...
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Open Call: Listening to the Universe

Open Call Datscha Radio: Listening to the Universe – Radiophonien des Alls Call 1: Audio WorksCall 2: Telegram to the ...
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Datscha Radio Taiwan on tesla.fm

On Tuesday, 23rd of June, one hour of Datscha Radio Taipei will be broadcast. The excerpt is taken from DRT ...
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