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Contact: info@datscharadio.de (Gabi Schaffner)
Press: presse@datscharadio.de (Helen Thein)

Team 2020 Listening to the Universe

Gabi Schaffner – Festival organisation, blog, open call, artist presentation and own shows
– works as an interdisciplinary artist and curator in the field of radio art and visionary documentation. Productions for Deutschlandfunk Kultur in the fields of feature and sound art as well as for international radio art networks. She is co-founder and organizer of Datscha Radio since 2012, a passionate gardener, and doctoral candidate in the field of language and cultural studies

Kate Donovan – Curation, presentation, own shows and head of tech
– is a sound and radio artist/expert for experimental radio forms and literature, editor and presenter at Colaboradio and is writing her doctoral thesis on “Expanded Listening Beyond the Anthropocene”.

Helen Thein – Press, public relations, festival logistics
– is active as a cultural worker and as a freelance journalist. She is one of the founders of the fabrik Potsdam (1988). In 2016 she was the spokeswoman for Radio Revolten, the international Radio Art Festival in Halle, Saale.

Niki Matita – Coordination re-broadcasts, curation and presentation and own shows
– holds a diploma in Fine Arts and is active as a culture worker, curator, and producer and record entertainer. She is a qualified sound-designer and radio maker, as well as an international activist for free and community radio, women’s rights and equality.

Zazie Bullowich – Tontechnik
is an italian DJ, avant-turntablist, sound artist and curator.

Hans Kellett – Translations DE -> EN
Hans Kellett – based in Berlin since 2001 – is a translator, writer and poet. He was Poet in Residence for Datscha Radio in 2017.

Tiger Stangl – Graphic Design (printed matter)
Graphic designer, artist, partner at allgirls Berlin.

Tina-Marie Friedrich – Buchhaltung
Traveler, mental arithmetic, partner at allgirls Berlin.

Salome Bühler – Editorial assistant

Team 2019 Nachtgärtnern I – III

Gabi Schaffner, Kate Donovan, Niki Matita, Helen Thein

Team 2019 Datscha Radio Taiwan

Gabi Schaffner with Gabriele de Seta
A residency of the Treasure Hill Artist Village Taipei. Supported by the Goethe-Institut Taipei

Gabriele de Seta
Gabriele de Seta is a media anthropologist. His research work, grounded on ethnographic engagement across multiple sites, focuses on digital media practices and vernacular creativity in East Asian societies. More information is available on his website http://paranom.asia

Team 2018 Datscha Radio Madrid

Gabi Schaffner with Alberto Garcia, Eva Kurly, KTA Martin, Joaquin Diaz, Carolina Carubba (Radio Hortelana)

Tech: Jésus Jara, MediaLab Prado
Cooperation partner: InSonora. Maite Camacho

Team 2017 Plots and Prophecies, Berlin

Gabi Schaffner, Kate Donovan, Niki Matita, Helen Thein

Suki Shanti Osman. Editor, moderation
(1983, Nottingham, UK; MA Music Education, Institute of Education, AHRC Studentship 2013) is a Berlin-based musician, researcher and educator. In her workshops she employs singing, performance and sound art, and radio to consider the themes: identities and privilege, cultural commodification and appropriation, feminisms, (post)colonial criticisms and activism. Recent solo projects include the autobiographical listening and singing performance Skewed (English Theater Berlin, April 2017). Shanti Suki received the District Studio Grant for July – December 2017 and will be focussing on her radio and education work.

Verena Kuni. Editor
Scholar in the field of history and theory of art and media cultures and professor for Visual Culture in Frankfurt(M), is specialized in interdisciplinary projects and programs at the intersections of theory and practice. Focussing a.o. on transfers between material and media cultures; media of imagination and technologies of transformation; DIY; urban biotopes and (in)visible gardens; alternate realities and beyond. Since 1997, she runs her own art radio shows; since 2008 she is an active member of international art radio network radia.fm. www.under-construction.ccwww.gunst.info

Tech 2017

Zazie Bullowich. Sound Engineer
is an italian DJ, avant-turntablist, sound artist and curator.

Matt Burnett. Sound Engineer
is interested in sound creation via self-oscillating systems, and the development of a vocabulary of motion within a quadraphonic listening environment.

Udo Noll. Streaming support
Udo Noll is a media artist and founder and developer of radio aporee, a platform for projects and practice in the areas of field recording / phonography, sound art and experimental radio.

Seamus O’Donnell. (kNiFeLoOp) Tech & streaming
Seamus O’Donnell works on different sound art projects since 1999.
Since 2002 he has been a keen participant of different local radio projects in Berlin and is currently one of the organisers of Colaboradio on 88.4FM.

Graphic Design (Print)

Susann Richter
Born in Dresden, diplomas in Cultural Studies in East Germany and Visual Communication at HfBK Hamburg. Since 1997 active as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and lecturer.

Realisation Datscha Radio 2014

Gabi Schaffner, Pit Schultz, Gärtnerpflichten Gießen

Realisation Datscha Radio 2012

Gabi Schaffner mit Pit Schultz und Verena Kuni

Cooperation partner

Diana McCarty / reboot.fm (Free Artist Radio Berlin)

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