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Preview Kaamos Day: Feb 20

DIRECT LINK to player (if clicking the button on the right should not work): For the mp3-stream (192kbit/s): https://radiolada.out.airtime.pro/radiolada_a Durational ...
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Kaamos Radio I – a resumé

„One two three: Kaaaamo-ss Radiooo!“ Kaamos Radio started into its 14-hour session with a joint shout by all studio guests ...
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Preview Kaamos Radio Artists and Guests

Dear all and dear Open Call Artists, (Übersetzung folgt) there have been rumours and yes, it is true: There will ...
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13 Feb: Kaamos Radio Night

Kaamos - this means something like arctic night, melancholy, darkness, yes, and also somehow “lock-down”. A story of the Sami ...
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Listening to the universe

Radio summer nights on 48 pages!

Lifted out of the darkness of the bag to light: Datscha Radio's wonderful documentation of its Berlin activities in 2019 ...
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Up-coming: Kaamos Radio/Finland

Kaamos Radio. A radiophonic journey into the (sub)arctic winter Kuunvalo nukahti ja tähdet katosivat taivaalta. Ja maa hengitti hiljaa lumen ...
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