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Nightingale greetings

Dear All, for today we have finished gardening … and relax a bit. Nine nightly hours filled with nightingale songs and singings, light rain, chatter, food and drink and a truly overwhelming line-up of artists! It was great – and yes, the broadcast will soon be available online and also a picture gallery. Datscha Radio wants to thank you all:

Andrea Eckhardt and the choir Singlust, Leonie Roessler, Rosanna Lovell, Martin Schulze, JD Zazie and Mat Pogo, David Rothenberg, Felicity Mangan, Katt Hernandez, Udo Noll and Lukatoyboy.

P.S. The bird in the picture is a real Britzer-Meadow Nightingale and bade our goodbyes as we carried our luggage back into the streets of the city

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