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Composer’s Nightloops #2

Composer’s Nightloops #2: Into the Forest








Into the Forest 

“Into the Forest” assembles “forresty” recordings and compositions. Meadows, trees, roses, literary stuff and soundwalks… For this one, I included some snippets from the internet. The playlist is unadorned. Titles (some of these are still working titles) will be corrected.

with Daniel Blinkhorn, DinahBird, Dirk Hülstrunk, Els Viaene, Etienne Noiseau, Michael Gatonska, Alexander Baker, Heidrun Schramm, Jorge Luis Borges, Lasse-Marc Riek, Mark Matthes, Norinen,  Patrick Franke, RawAudio,  Sirpa Jokinen, Terry Riley, William Engelen, hark, rawaudio/Fx Schroder.

A sort-of-focus is put on field recording, but then again, there are no rules. Atmospheres maybe.





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