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100 Tage Datscharadio was a research project supported by selected  authors, scientists, radio makers and sound researchers as well the artist group “Gärtnerpflichten”. Notes and protocols, recordings of the environment and interviews with the visitors of the garden show formed another part of the research.

This archive is being revised! Following this preliminary view of our posts is a list of the 2014 participants.

Instead of processing this data into scientific knowledge they were instantly broadcast via the medium of radio. A so-called “Audiokomposter” developed by Pit Schultz decomposed the material and turned it into a continually changing soundscape. This process of composting and decomposition found its poetic counterpoint in the untamed growth of  plants around the caravan. In August, a one-day festival  invited guests and visitors to further discussion and participation.

The art competition of the Landesgartenschau Gießen 2014 was supported by the Hessische Kulturstiftung, the BID Seltersweg and Förderverein Landesgartenschau Gießen.

Protocol 7/6/2014: Excursion to “Südsee”

Weather: Sunny, humid. 28 degrees. 8:35 Condition: exhausted, not enough sleep. Slow in thinking. Coffee. (Translation in due time) 10:00 ...
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Protocol 4/6/14 16:51

Weather: overcast, rainy. 21 degrees. 8:30 (Translation in due time) Gespräch mit Nachbarin im Hof über ihren Topfgarten geführt. Ein ...
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Protocol 8/5/2014

Das Wetter: regnerisch. Himmel bedeckt. Temperatur: 6,8/15,2 Grad. Niederschlag: 5,6 l/m2. Sonne 1,5 Std. 10 Uhr: allein im Studio. Ordnung, ...
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Sketch of a Plan: 100 Days Datscharadio

Experimental ethnography! The sketch illustrates the various production levels of our enterprise to come – derived from a Lévi-Strauss diagram ...
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 Science, Literature and Ethnography


  • Oliver Augst (Schriftsteller, Radiomacher und Musiker)
  • Bernhard Bauser (Schriftsteller und Philosoph, Videodokumentation
  • Abderrahim Ennosse (Komposteur, Koch, Linguist)
  • Astrid S. Klein (Künstlerin) und Sylvie Arnaud (Autorin)
  • Verena Kuni (Professorin für Visuelle Kultur, Autorin und Radiomacherin)
  • Holger Laake (Botanischer Garten Gießen)
  • Dr. Günter Lerch (Autor und Linguist)
  • Virpi Nurmi (Dichterin und Autorin, Leiterin interkulturelle Gärten Gießen)
  • Achim Szepanski (Schriftsteller, Medienwissenschaftler)
  • Alexandra Walker (Projektleiterin Hafengarten Offenbach; Kulturwissenschaft)
  • Olaf Velte (Schriftsteller)

Radio and Sound Research

  • Knut Aufermann und Sarah Washington (Klangforscher und Radiomacher: Mobile Radio BSP)
  • Werner Cee (Hörfunkautor und -regisseur, Klangkünstler)
  • Dirk Huelstrunk (Schriftsteller, Klangpoet und Radiomacher)
  • Lasse-Marc Riek (Autor, Klangforscher und Mitgründer von Gruenrekorder

Composers  Open Call 2014:

  • Alexander Baker
  • Angelo Airï Farulla
  • Hildebrand Asgeirsdottir
  • Carver Audain
  • Guillaume Chappez
  • Sean Derrick Cooper-Marquardt
  • Jamez Dean
  • Regina Duerig und Christian Müller
  • Michael Gatonska
  • Christina Ertl Shirley
  • Inox Kapell
  • Kollektiv Klangensum
  • Gintas Kraptavicius
  • Dzmitry Ladzes
  • Jon Panther
  • Sandra Poppe
  • Sam Salem
  • Michaela Schimun
  • Coryn Smethurst
  • Juan Vasques
  • Antje Vowinckel

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