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Radio summer nights on 48 pages!

Lifted out of the darkness of the bag to light: Datscha Radio’s wonderful documentation of its Berlin activities in 2019 and 2020 is here! We are most pleased!

Here comes the link to the online version: https://issuu.com/datscharadio/docs/datscharadio_pdf_2021_seiten

“Nachtgärtnern I-III / Radiophonien des Alls” boasts numerous photos, a ‘vignette parcours’ taken directly from radio quotes, an essay by Kate Donovan, foreword and epilogue and of course the list of all participating artists – in the garden and of our open calls. A look at the table of contents reveals the skilful hand (and eye) of our graphic designer Tiger Stangl. Enjoy! Enjoy!

Above all, we would like to thank you – and have reserved a physical copy for everyone who participated on site. Hence the appeal to all Berlin contributors: Please write to us when and how you would like to pick up your catalogue. We cannot send copies via post.

We collect your inquiries and of course, we hope that there will be an opportunity in late spring to hand over the booklet personally at a ‘distanced’ garden party. Until then, we will endeavour to distribute the copies in a smaller circle (if possible in accordance with the applicable Corona requirements).

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