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Electronic Garden Tea-Time

Electronic Garden Tea-Time in the Morning | Elektronische Garten-Teestunde am Morgen

The night owls have shifted (in)to morning birds. A gentle wind is shaking  the trees, the dew of dreams drying from the leaves. The garden is awake. But what if the delicate spider’s web knitted from memories of the silence passed is still floating over the seedbeds?

Time for a cup of tea. Let us enjoy it together, while the spider’s web is carried away by the wind, towards the fields strechting far out behind the garden…

A tea time in the garden, served around the “Elektronik Teatime” from garden to garden, arranged and produced by  Lale Rodgarkia-Dara and her friends – originally conceived as a live stream sound performance from the Vienna Film Archive’s garden in Vienna-Augarten to the Datscha-Garden in Berlin-Rosenthal.

Logic Moon: Drifting Garden (Logic Moon: Polygon Garden – Archaic Horizon Records – 2012 – cc-by-nc-nd) – Elektronik Teatime: From Garden To Garden (28.08.2012) – Fellirium: Ruby Petals (Fellirium: Ruby – Liminal Recs – 2009 – cc-by-nc-nd)

Datscha-Radio wishes to thank all contributing performers, artists and netlabels: Tobias Lorsbach a.k.a Logic Moon/Archaic Horizon Records, Andrey Vasilyev a.k.a. Fellirium/Liminal Recs and of course – last but for sure not least, but especially –  Caroline Profanter, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Anna Steiden from Elektronik Teatime/Wien sowie Jörg Zemmler, Peter Pichler and Blauwurf (Michael Zacherl and Eric Schörghofer). Elektronik Teatime is a product from speis.

Tea Time in the Morning Bed… [Licence: VK cc-by-nc-sa]

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