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There is no such thing as a perfect garden. Yet, structuring helps the gardeners to find their way to designated borders and plant families. Let us introduce here our formats for Datscha Radio 17: for night owls and early birds, for the fans of acustical surprises and for word loving thinkers. 

! The current list will be continuously refined.

1-9 am Nightloops

The nightloops assemble chosen contributions of the open call into a loop of 3 hours – adapted to the mood of the day’s theme.

9-10 am Morning Field

Similar to the “Nightloops”, the morning field assembles – with few exceptions – chosen tracks from the open call. This is the place to listen to more extended pieces in a quiet mood and get immersed into their atmosphere.

10-11 am Worldgardening

Contributions of the Open Call and chosen features about gardens and rural environment from far and near.

11-12 am Morning Chorus

A potpourri to attune to the Datscha day: Drinking coffee and the morning oracle, weather forecasts. Communicating with our hot house plants and cat Augustin. Possible burials of dead mice.

Special: The “Singing Pool” with international a capella songs about gardens, vegetation and peoples. By Kate Donovan and Gabi Schaffner.

12:30-2 pm Midday Discussion

Our midday discussion is dedicated to topics of contemporary gardening issues: The future developments of allotment gartens with a focus on gentrification; new perspectives in urban food industries; urban gardens and the threat of constant relocation. In Cooperation with the Bildungswerk Berlin of the Heirich Böll Foundation. Various moderators

2-4 pm Carte Verte

The “green card” is a time space open to the gardeners of the colony and other guests. There are talks, Dj-ing, shared gardening knowledge, recipes or expert opinions.

Our resident artist Hans Kellet will go on daily rounds and visit our fellow gardeners. Under the title “Pollination Flights” he’ll transform his experiences into one-off poetry shows. More: BBQ, coffee, snacks. We also accept donations :)

4-6 pm Concert & Performance

The winter garden studio gets relocated under the plum tree: Performances, concerts and sound art in the fresh air.

8-9 pm Pop and Parsnips

“Pop&Parsnips” features artists and musicians who want to revive the good old custom of fresh air DJing…

9-10 pm Composer’s Garden

Composer’s Garden“ assembles 2-4 chosen artists and their work from the Open Call, providing extra interviews.

10-11 pm: Garten DJ

Fresh air-DJing for nighttime gardeners

Fri: Shanti Suki
Sat: N.N.
Sun: ArchieArchive +/- Gast
Mon: Nachtgewächsel. DJ Shlucht + Brandauer
Tue: Salon Bruit

11-12 pm Live Streams and Guest Broadcasts

Live Streams from selected artists around the globe and broadcasts of partner radio networks.
Editor: Gabi Schaffner (Fri: Minimatika)

Fri: Radio Helsinki im Schaumbad/ Reni Hofmüller, Graz
Sat: Late Night Breakfast/ Sophea Lerner, Sydney
Sun: ArchieArchive + – Gast/Marold Langer-Philippsen, Berlin
Mon: Radio Cegeste, Sally Ann McIntyre/New Zealand
Tue: Smelling Air Waves/ Tetsuo Kogawa, Tokyo

0-1 pm Surprise Minuit

Surprise acts, nightingale songs, root whisperings, the wind in the trees and flower talks.





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