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9-10 am
The Morning Field invites listeners on a first foray through the theme of the day, consisting mainly of longer pieces from the Open Call, and the occasional unpolished treasure from the acoustic Herbarium of the Datscha Radio archive may also be heard. The Morning Field resembles a view over a meadow, be it wild or cultivated, be it filled with atmosphere or voices: the view of the horizon remains open, without revealing what lies behind it.

Saturday 26th August 2017
Speak and let speak, grow and let bloom, water rituals and the eating habits of snails… Today is devoted to eating and communicating. Goats? Yes, it is also about goats, which may or may not be slaughtered. To begin, however, there’ll be an Australian family breakfast with piano.

Sunday 27th August 2017
What do the hydrangeas whisper to each other through their root networks? Does the black dragonfly know, as it teeters on its wings over a tiny river in the Sicilian countryside? Biotopes in Future Perfect: where are the places that already belong to it, or is it just an illusion and tomato flowers simply remain tomato flowers?

Monday 28th August 2017
A morning in March in Brussels, a chatty bird in the cage, A common loon and ostriches from Brazil … but what would be a day of bees and birds without a radio play of the most artistic of all insect world explorers, Inox Kapell!

Tuesday 29th August 2017
This is the break of day of Subterranean Meditations, with earthworks in the Golden Ratio, with gardening ants and echoing compost, with water pumps and raking leaves: the elements of the nature and the soil make us prick up our ears and listen.


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