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Open Call Artists 2017

Thank you all!!! Datscha Radio is extremely happy with the wide variety of your submissions and is highly pleased to present its list of the following international participants:

Effective 28th August. List is not yet final. Changes and additions reserved. More detailed infos will be given in the playlists of the individual broadcasting formats which will be published at a later point in this radio gardening time. While writing this, Datscha Radio 17 is still in full swing… day and night. So, tune in and listen: All of you did excellent work!!!

  • Absolute Value of Noise/aka Peter Courtemanche (CAN)
  • Alexander Martinz  (GER)
  • Antonio D’Amato (F)
  • Ana Berkenhoff & Michael Holland (GER)
  • Bella (BRA)
  • Carina Pesch (GER)
  • Catherine Clover (AUS)
  • Claudia Wegener/radio continental drift (D)
  • Concours60radio (CAN)
  • Dafne della Dafne (UK, GER)
  • Demian Rudel Rey (AR)
  • Distant Animals (Daniel Alexander Hignell) UK
  • Dylan Matorell (AUS)
  • Elisabetta Senesi (AR)
  • Fernando Laub (Flaub) (USA)
  • Floriane Pochon, Phaune Radio (F)
  • Hagai Itzenberg (Israel)
  • Heather Kapplow (USA)
  • Hum& Hiss (Etherland, United States Minor Outlying Islands)
  • Lisa Greenaway (AUS)
  • Joan Schuman (USA)
  • John Haway
  • Julia Drouhin (TAS)
  • Kala Pierson (USA)
  • Katarina Zimmerhakl (GER)
  • Kirsten Stolle (USA)
  • Lucía Chamorro (URY)
  • Mattia Bonafini (GER)
  • Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka & Flora Könemann (GER)
  • Miyuki Jokiranta (AUS)
  • Nat Grant (AUS)
  • Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro (GER)
  • Paolo Pastorino (I)
  • Renata Roman (BRA)
  • Ricardo Paraíso Silvestre (P)
  • Rocío Cano Valiño (Argentina)
  • Rodrigo Gobbett/Bakim Hey (BRA)
  • Sebastian Six (AU)
  • Sebastiane Hegarty (UK)
  • The Stockholm Research Institute (S)
  • Vitalij Kuzkin (NL)


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