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The Garden is Calling! Open Call Datscha Radio: Plots & Prophecies

Yes, we need gardens. And more gardens. We need more idle land and more bees. In the cities, and everywhere. And we need gardening knowledge. And more knowledge. In a changing world, definitely. And we need radio. Because the world is made of frequencies. Plants know that. With those flicker movies of a post-human future at the back of our minds: what are we up to now?

In August 2017, Datscha Radio will return to its homestead in a Berlin allotment garden for “Plots and Prophecies.” Our five-day radio art garden festival will celebrate matter, soil and sound and we shall investigate pending issues in contemporary ecologies, bionics and artistic strategies.

Datscha Radio’s 2017 programme spans from Berlin’s urban garden politics to intimate conversations with plants; from horticulture to porticulture; from bees and birds to barbeque; from rotting matter to poetic remnants. We’ll have a taste of fish(dung)-grown tomatoes, examine greening practices and stick our microphones into the rich soil to report on slug wars and root panels. We’ll talk to skydiving earthworms and gardeners of the community alike. What is this garden and what is this knowledge? What is this sound, soft as a perfume permeating the frequencies of our presence? Datscha Radio wants to find out – and calls for your radiophonic input.

24 hours a day, for 5 days, from August 25th at 12pm until midnight on August 29th, 2017, we will be broadcasting live from a Berlin allotment garden – come rain or shine!

Datscha Radio
  • is created by gardeners, sound artists and guests
  • Datscha Radio is free, non-commercial, and open to everyone
  • Datscha Radio is dedicated to intuitive performance, music and radio art
  • Datscha Radio links the site of the garden to the world
Datscha Radio will be broadcasting/streaming
  • on 88.4 FM in the Berlin area & 90.7 FM in Potsdam (selected times, day and night)
  • worldwide on datscharadio.de
  • in collaboration with other radio stations and projects (if interested, please let us know!)
Datscha Radio invites you!

We strive to create a programme that reflects your creative response to the following (very roughly) grouped topics and extravaganzas:

1. Environment(s) and (Urban) Nature(s)

Format 1: compositions/poetics ranging from 1 to 6 minutes
Format 2: compositions/features/poetics from 7 to 30 minutes

2. Birds, Bees and BBQs

Format 1: compositions/poetics ranging from of 1 to 6 minutes
Format 2: compositions//features/poetics from 7 to 30 minutes

3. The Language of Plants and other Communications

Format 1: compositions/poetics ranging from of 1 to 6 minutes
Format 2: compositions/features/poetics from 7 to 30 minutes

4. Extravaganza 1
For the morning format “The Singing Pool” we seek a capella (!) garden and flora/fauna songs, all languages welcome!

5. Extravaganza 2

Fresh radio jingles for Datscha Radio! Format: 6-50 seconds.

Text should contain at least:

  1. (You are listening to) Datscha Radio! OR:
  2. Datscha Radio!; A five-day festival of radio art, talks and events celebrating gardening practices present and future. Broadcasting straight from the garden between the 25th and the 29th of August 2017. 88.4fm in Berlin, 90.7 in Potsdam and datscharadio.de online.

Any longer text may also contain: Green humour, unreal talks, plant philosophies, root poetics and hybrid music, slug reports & worm dispatches, electric salads, ecotopias and alien paradises (adjectives and nouns interchangeable).


Our Datscha Radio programme will grow with the flow of the events each day. Shorter tracks will be integrated into a playlist. Longer tracks will receive their own time-slot. Our website will continually reflect and update all relevant information.

What can Datscha Radio offer?

Datscha Radio works on a voluntary basis. Therefore we can neither pay for any costs nor production fees. What we have to offer is:

  • credited contribution as artists of the festival
  • a platform and experimental site for acoustic bouquets
  • the broadcast of your contributions locally (fm) and globally (stream)
  • an opportunity for publication (including short bio and links) on our website
  • lasting sustainability: the documentation of the website will be archived for at least three years. Selected broadcasts might be integrated into international art radio programmes and networks like radia.fm.
Who is Datscha Radio?

At the moment, we are quite a multitude. Or a root communication system (find out more at https://www.datscharadio.de/team). However, for info or with questions write to info@datscharadio.de (Gabi Schaffner, Helen Thein)


Submission requirements:

  1. your audio file must be mp3, 16 bit PCM, sample format: 192 kb/s
  2. production sheet including title, length, author and chosen ‘theme’ (otherwise put “miscellaneous”)
  3. short bio, max. 500 spaces (optional)
  4. links to your work (optional)
  5. state whether your submission may be used for documentary purposes (yes/no)
  6. a photo/image related to you or your work (max. 200 kb)
  7. pack everything in one file labelled: surname_theme_title.zip


Send your contribution to:




Datscha Radio is a non-commercial art and culture project. The copyright for submitted files remains with the artists. The legal model that we are considering is the Creative Commons License cc-by-nc-nd 3.0  (see https://creativecommons.org/learn/licenses). Please state if you prefer a different model.

Important: Please make sure that all copyrights and other legal issues are 100% cleared for everything you want to submit.

The selection of contributions is reserved to Datscha Radio. All decisions are final.


Please submit by the 5th of August 2017
Datscha Radio is looking forward to your inspiring contributions!





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