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Rosenthal, church (Photo: Hasemuck 64)

Berlin is the city with the greatest number of “Schrebergardens” (private garden plots for self subsistence) in Germany. Thus, the garden(plot) culture forms a vital part of the diverse cultures of Berlin since its beginnings from the late 18th century. During the 90s the Schrebergarden gained increasing attention as an economic and ecologic model, as sociocultural topic and as an urban sanctuary and recreational haven.

At the same time, Berlin is one of the most international cities of the world. And the gardens of the association “Einigkeit” (“Unity”) with their almost 1000 garden plots form one one Berlins biggest garden communities. Datscha-Radio is located in the Oreganoweg 11, plot no. 665, of the “Garten- und Siedlergemeinschaft Einigkeit e. V” (“Gardening and Estate Association Unitiy). Our place is mix-used, partly kitchen garden, flowers and fruit trees, the “datscha” has approx. 60 sqm. (including the winter garden).

Garden politics

Less than 200 m distant from the No. 665 and until 1989, ran the Berlin wall which separated the East German “Rosenthal” from the Western “Maerkisches Viertel”. The gardens of the “Einigkeit” exist since 1915. After the turnaround, the gardens were still considered as “garden plots”, but soon after a juristic tug of war concerning their official status started that lasts to date. The reason lies in the size of the plots (on average 600 sqm.) and their partly quite extensive development which runs contrary to the German laws on garden plots. In 2005, the garden “plots” of the “Einigkeit” lost their “plot” status. The district office designed a plan for “partly removal” plus for a conversion of the plots into building land. In a series of relentless negotiations the “Einigkeit” succeeded in consolidating the juridical status of the gardens as one of a “protected recreational park”… at least until 2025.

With Datscha Radio, there is another voice to support the preservation of the gardens of the “Einigkeit”.

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