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Our Madrid Datscha Radio garden is a collaboration of Madrid artists and musicians, the community of Esta es Una Plaza, Medialab Prado, In-Sonora and Radio Hortelana.
Madrid DRG es una colaboración entre artistas y músicos, y gente de la comunidad de Esta es Una Plaza, Medialab Prado, In- Sonora y Radio Hortelana.

Bring your radio with you into the garden of Esta es Una Plaza. We’ll transmit on-site on micro-FM!

In the following hours it will sprout broadcasts that are for each hour loosely arranged around a special topic. Don’t expect everything to grow as planned: There will be varieties in plant families, surprise vegetables and visiting guests spontaniously enriching the biosphere of our “huerta radio”.
A lo largo de la transmisión hablaremos de un tema especial por cada hora.
No esperes que todo salga como lo planeado, como en la naturaleza, Existe la variedad y las sorpresas. El ambiente para crear una atmósfera espontánea y creativa en nuestra huerta radio !

12:00-13:00: Welcome to Datscha Radio Madrid

  • Introduction Datscha Radio Madrid (a tope!) & artists, Esta es Una Plaza & Insonora, Medialab & Radio Hortelana;
  • Special: Live Concert with Kalimba “Rain or Shine” by Carolina Carroubba
  • Eritrean Garden Memories with Mahlet Ogbe and selected recordings (25min).
    Special: Soundscape by Alfredo Ardia “Giardino Sonoro” (fixed media version) 

13:00 – 14:00: Rosemary & Garden Talks

  • Alfredo Garcia presents interviews with gardeners, green talk  and welcomes surprise guests
  • The Color of Gardens: An interview and recordings by Romi Casile
  • Come and introduce yourself, your garden, your visions!

14:00 – 15:00: Plant Radio I: A sensual approach
Hear me, touch me, feel me…

  • Introductory Special: Soundscape by Alfredo Ardia “Giardino Sonoro” (fixed media version) 
  • Live-Experiment: Plants make Music! Anna Katarina Martin is an expert for sensory plant communication. Together with Joaquín Roberto Díaz Durán* they’ll generate a concert straight from the plots & plants of Esta es Una Plaza.
  • Afterwards: “Listen! Deep!” A conversation.

*Scholarship holder of CONACYT- FUNDACIÓN INBA programm

15:00 – 16:00 Plant Radio II: Who are you?
A continuation of listening to plants from the other side of the Globe,  a plant language translation performance and still more….

  • In “Antipodean Voices” the Australian radio producer Mijuki Jokiranta engages in a conversation with her house plants…
  • “Greenhouse Emission”. Tomatoes speak in poems, but it is hard to translate them right. Berlin artists Kate Donovan and Ryan McFayden invented an ingenious machine…
  • Alberto Garcia: Interview with quite a different specialist…

16:00 – 17:00: The Documentary Hour: Visions of India
Decline in plant diversity and the necessities of waste management are global issues!

  • A talk in the rain forest in the Ghat Mountains in the Indian provice of Kerala about a unique sanctuary for endangered plants.
    A conversation with: Subrabha Seshan. Mediator of the “Gurukula Botanic Sanctuary (23min)
  • (Optional)“Daily Dump”: A small company in Bangalore tries to change every-day notions of what is waste… or might be turned into compost (34min)
    A conversation with Poonan, owner of Daily Dump, Bangalore
  • Afterthoughts

17:00 – 18:00 Medical Mediations,  Edible Plants and Garden Music
Food for the soul and body

  • Eva Kurly introduces her work and the plants she talks to… or eats. She’ll also bring and explain her (acoustical) herbarium!
  • Garden Music: Bring your vegetables, instruments and songs! Open radio space for everybody.
  • Special: Experimental music by Lau Mau, presented in a talk with Rafael Agudo from “The Hug”.

18:00 – 18:30: Compost of the Day
Will our program end punctually? We don’t know yet. Stay tuned.

  • Voices of the garden, improvisations…



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