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Press Release, 28 July 2017

2 st Press Release, 16 August 2017

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Team 2017

Curator Team

Gabi Schaffner. Organization, concept, text&image, editor, curation open call
Gabi Schaffner works as an interdisciplinary artist within the realms of audio art, literature and visionary documentarism. Numerous publications (transkript verlag, Verlag für Moderne Kunst, textem, The Green Box), radio art and feature productions with deutschlandfunk kultur, Hessischer Rundfunk, radia.fm and reboot.fm. Festival diarist of “Radio Revolten”. Lives in Berlin when not travelling. Since 2007 a passionate gardener. As an audio artist she works under the name of “raw audio”.

Kate Donovan. Editor, translations, moderation
Kate Donovan is a sound and radio practitioner working with experimental radio forms and literature. She studied Fine Art at the Hull School of Art, UK, and is currently studying Literature and Culture at the University of Potsdam. Recent projects include a panel at the European Sound Studies Association at the University of Copenhagen; the radio play “Film is Evil: Radio is Good” at Project Radio in Leeds, and the UK International Radio Drama Festival 2016. She currently lives in Berlin where she is on the editorial team for Colaboradio, as well as hosting and making regular radio shows. Her own show is titled „Elements“.

Verena Kuni. Editor, moderation
Scholar in the field of history and theory of art and media cultures and professor for Visual Culture in Frankfurt(M), is specialized in interdisciplinary projects and programs at the intersections of theory and practice. Focussing a.o. on transfers between material and media cultures; media of imagination and technologies of transformation; DIY; urban biotopes and (in)visible gardens; alternate realities and beyond. Since 1997, she runs her own art radio shows; since 2008 she is an active member of international art radio network radia.fm. www.under-construction.ccwww.gunst.info

Niki Matita. Coordination, curator, editor, moderation
studied European Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy and Gender Studies and graduated in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, class of Prof. Astrid Klein. She is a culture worker, curator, event manager and producer, record entertainer and interdisciplinary artist specialized in installations, sound, noise and music. She is a qualified sound-designer and radio maker, as well as an international activist for free and community radio, women’s rights and equality. She is a founding member of Kunst Kacke Sound System and recently released a tape as member of The Ready Orchestra.

Suki Shanti Osman. Editor, moderation
(1983, Nottingham, UK; MA Music Education, Institute of Education, AHRC Studentship 2013) is a Berlin-based musician, researcher and educator. In her workshops she employs singing, performance and sound art, and radio to consider the themes: identities and privilege, cultural commodification and appropriation, feminisms, (post)colonial criticisms and activism. Recent solo projects include the autobiographical listening and singing performance Skewed (English Theater Berlin, April 2017). Shanti Suki received the District Studio Grant for July – December 2017 and will be focussing on her radio and education work.

Technic Crew

Zazie Bullowich. Sound Engineer
is an italian DJ, avant-turntablist, sound artist and curator. Over the years she has explored different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound sources.
 As a performer she moves in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music. 
Juxtaposition, decontextualization, fragmentation, repetition, sonic texture, scratch and error are elements of the grammar adopted to relate, organize and rearrange the sound material.

Matt Burnett. Sound Engineer
is interested in sound creation via self-oscillating systems, and the development of a vocabulary of motion within a quadraphonic listening environment. He created and curated a quadraphonic multimedia performance event titled „Immersion[]“. Recently he has completed the development of The QuadTool, a software system that provides the basis for synthesis, composition and performance within the quad space.

Udo Noll. Streaming support
Udo Noll is a media artist and graduated as a qualified engineer for photography and media technology at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. He is the founder and developer of radio aporee, a platform for projects and practice in the areas of field recording / phonography, sound art and experimental radio. Noll increasingly engages with sound in his works, esp. field recordings, their sonic topographies and potential spatio-temporal configurations on both real environments and digital spaces.

Seamus O’Donnell. (kNiFeLoOp) Tech & streaming
Seamus O’Donnell works on different sound art projects since 1999. Solo or collaborative experiments can be with any mix of receivers and self built mini-transmitters; reel-to-reel tape machine loop or relay set ups, manipulated field recordings, self made devices, amplified objects and magnetic fields as well as other more traditional instruments and voice.
Since 2002 he has been a keen participant of different local radio projects in Berlin and is currently one of the organisers of Colaboradio on 88.4FM.

Susann Richter. Graphic Design

Helen Thein. Press, public relations
studied Gender Studies, Jewish Studies and Library and Information Science and works – apart from her profession as librarian – since 1988 as a cultural worker, since 1993 as DJ and since 1997 as freelance journalist. She is one of the founders of the fabrik Potsdam (1988), was responsible for the theatre of the Kunstfabrik Potsdam (1998-2000), organised concerts of experimental and improvised music (1997-2000). In 2016 she was head of communication of the Radio Revolten, the international Radio Art Festival in Halle, Saale.


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Gabi Schaffner

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