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And so it is said, on the morning of the Seventh Day the Garden of Eden was planted. Whether it really existed or not, we will never know. We still dream of paradise gardens. And in our own gardens we seek and find a slice of heaven and happiness. But for how much longer?

At the close of the Anthropocene, characterized by climate change and the sixth wave of extinction, this biotope of ours will not be spared. Indeed it is likely to fade away. Could the much-vaunted technological progress provide us with a remedy? Or will green life continue to exist in special areas where human access is denied? What will tomorrow’s gardens look like?

Join us for an acoustic day trip to biotopes in future perfect…

Verena Kuni (Curator/Editor)
Special for Morning Chorus: Miyuki Jokiranta
Concerts and Performances: Marta Zapparoli, Plants and  Empire.
Artist of the Day: Marold Langer-Philippsen with “Archie Archive In The Garden”

[Picture: created, chosen & inserted by Gabi Schaffner]
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