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Artists in the garden

The Datscha Radio Festival “Listening to the universe” is already casting out its beams: of late, artist duo Kata Kovacs and Tom O’Doherty have orbiting through the areas surrounding the garden, trying to catch the signals of unseen satellites traversing the skies above.

Equally as yet unseen, but hurtling towards the event horizon is our current list of artists, which will from now on be progressively updated.
We would like to introduce:

Jasmina Al-Qaisi & Helena Otto: Star Taste

Jasmina Al-Qaisi & Helena Otto continue their 300 something moons back earthly travels to the belly and back. Again at night, they meet to recall failing stars, falling stars, to channel with different forms of eating in the universe while staying on earth, being earthy, with plants and like plants, goating their voices in space and back. For this occasion at Datscha Radio, Al-Qaisi and Otto will star and shine regrets and sorrows, sigh and laugh loud in a late dinner fashion on ON AIR. The two are eventually inviting the listeners to their own universe only possible to unravel together with microphones.

Artist Bio
Jasmina Al-Qaisi is a writer and archivist. She writes as she speaks in her own English, caught between sound and visual poetry which she transfers in performative acts and formats for radio free, independent, temporary or mobile radios.
Helena Otto was born in a former Country; currently lives in Bremen; constantly on the research of failed geographical belonging; working as a performer, writer and sculptress on projects connected to the lost and found identity within tradition, heritage, borders and the taste of memories.

Ally Bisshop
‘Possible vehicles for time travel’ (13.8.)

A reading from the book, ‘Possible vehicles for time travel’: a meditation on time, duration, futurity and the limits and curious perversions of lived experience.  

Artist Bio
Ally Bisshopis a research-driven artist and writer whose work explores the thresholds of encounter with the more-than-human. Born in Meanjin (Brisbane), she spreads her time between Gadigal land (Sydney) and Berlin. With Lucy Powell, she also works sympoietically as Holobiosonics.

C-drík: Into the Universe. Afrofuturism Special (11.8)
Syrphe Magazine

Artist Bio
C-drík aka Kirdec aka Cedrik Fermont is a composer, musician, mastering engineer, author, independent researcher, concert organiser, curator who operates in the field of noise, electronic and experimental music since 1989, born in Zaire (DR Congo). Lives in Berlin (Germany). Explores electronic, experimental and noise music from Asia and Africa, label manager at Syrphe, radio host at Radio Staalplaat, 88vier/Colaboradio and Boxout.fm, member of many bands.

Kate Donovan
Nightcall Radio | Listening Beyond Radio, listening beyond history.
On magnetism and the unheard, unsung, of the night.

Artist Bio
Kate Donovan is a sound and radio artist / expert for experimental radio forms and literature, editor and presenter at Colaboradio and is doing her PhD on “Expanded Listening Beyond the Anthropocence”.

Christian Kesseler (12.8.)
Of what material are these threads between bodies? How far must one reach, for the inclination of this touch?

Kata Kovacs & Tom O‘Doherty
LES-1, Oreganoweg, August 2020 (12.8)

Satellite Localisation © Kovacs/Doherty
Artist Bio
Kata Kovacs & Tom O‘Doherty have worked as a collaborative duo since 2011. Their work combines elements of durational and time-based art, minimalist movement, and electroacoustic music and sound. They are interested in processes, sounds, and movements that come close to imperceptibility, and the ways in which this material can be transformed through repetition, patterning, layering, and archiving. They live and work in Berlin, Germany.

Nin Kuna
In Orbit / The Landern (12.8.)

A poetic journey to the sky and beyond, where satellites, cosmogonies and languages circle around and shape the ways we perceive the world.

Artist Bio
Nin Kuna is a collector of stories and rhythms. Nin grew up in in the middle of “the iron curtain”, at the border of illegality, between war and peace. Then non-citizen, now more than one, Nin is exploring the situatedness of what is called history.

Rosanna Lovell (12.8)
Tuning In/Tuning Out: New Paths to Classical Music – Composing for Outer Space (12.8.)

Artist Bio
Rosanna Lovell Rosanna Lovell is a musician and mediator. In her work she realizes sound works, performances and interventions from a feminist and post-colonial perspective. She designs and implements workshops and projects and also teaches music. Lovell makes radio at Freie Radio Berlin-Brandenburg (fr-bb.org), where she deals with topics such as music, gender and accessibility. She is also active in the group Gender Relations in New Music (GRiNM) and the collective FEM * _MUSIC * _ working at the UdK. In summer 2018 she completed the postgraduate master’s program at the Institute for Art in Context at the UdK Berlin.

Elo Masing (11.8.)
Day Sky Improvisations and Night Sky Improvisations
On the opening day of the festival, the composer and violinist Elo Masing will roam the garden at irregular intervals to translate the living scores of heaven and earth into music.

Artist Bio
Elo Masing works as a composer-improviser of Estonian origin currently based in Berlin. She also appears as Zebra @kakaduu.art. She studied violin and piano, is part of the Berlin „Reanimation Orchestra“. Her music has been performed internationally by renowned soloists and ensembles and released on the Squeaky Kate and squib-box labels. She has a PhD from the Royal Academy of Music where she explored the physicality of instrumental performance in chamber music, received private tuition from Rebecca Saunders. Elo is co-director of clapTON ensemble, is part of the free improvisation duo Vicious Circus and member of the Reanimation Orchestra.

Niki Matita
Sternenmädchen & Sky Racer – DJ Show (11.8., 10pm)
Defamed abroad as “Krautrock”, young people in post-war Germany invented Kosmische Musik which played a central role in the subculturally intended reinvention of social life and the world and produced Sternenmädchen like Rosemarie Heinikel, Dorothea Raukes, Renate Knaup-Krötenschwanz or Gille Lettmann.

The series NATIVITAS comprises a number of short pieces which follow the meaning of the word horoscope, their brevity and condensation corresponding to the format of the newspaper horoscope and also inspired by its (often involuntary) absurd language style.

Artist Bio
Diploma of Fine Art. Artist and event manager, specialised in audio art, sound and music; DJ; music journalist; certified sound designer and radio creator, activist in the fields of feminism and interculturalism.

Christine Niehoff: Kunst unterstützt Wissenschaft – die Kosmosgesellschaft auf Mars Mission

Ein Interview mit Helen Thein. Editing: Gabi Schaffner

Ready for Mars: C. Niehoff

Christine Niehoff will be interviewed about her works Galaxy Homes (2013), HeliTech Moon Exploration and Exploitation Services (2014), Moonbase Luna Delta I and II and Mars Alpha I (2014). She is currently researching the possibilities of food production on Mars.

Leonie Roessler: (E)Missions (12.8.)
Live conzert and talk
A radio journey into outer space – laptop live set composed of recordings of various NASA missions.

Artist Bio
Leonie Roessler – Composer and Performer raised in Germany and the US, now based in The Hague, Netherlands. Leonie captures her environment with field recordings, which she uses for radio pieces, sound installations, and instrumental compositions. Her works have been released through Musica Dispersa (Spain/UK), and Noise á Noise (Iran) and have been physically archived in the British Library.

Jodi Rose (12.8.)
Under the Milky Way
Stargazing & listening, tuning into the cosmology of the milky way.
Falling stars & shooting stars collide in a cosmic poetics. Excerpts & interview: Radio Astronomy live radio from the cosmos at ISEA in Helsinki 2004.

Artist Bio
Jodi Rose is an artist, composer and creative director of Singing Bridges, an urban sonic sculpture playing the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale. Rose creates works that explore the resonance of physical & metaphysical bridges through cable vibrations, transmissions. Hosting on-site sonic interventions Rose is linking bridges all over the world in a Global Bridge Symphony.

Gabi Schaffner
A Pharmacy of Frequencies (11.8.)

Ostrich Egg. © GS

A daily dose of 3 minutes 50000 Hertz just makes thicker tomatoes … while the playing of classical music considerably shortens the lifespan of male fruit flies …

The Stars – Las Estrellas. A Mimikry (12.8.)
Soundart-Composition. With Irene Peréz Hernandéz.

Artist Bio
Gabi Schaffner arbeitet als interdisziplinäre Künstlerin in den Feldern von Radiokunst, visionärer Dokumentation und Performance. Sie ist Mitbegründerin von Datscha Radio seit 2012.

Ela Spalding: Moonrise Reflection (13.8. Moonrise 00:04)
A moment to breathe through the shift into the moon’s turn to shine its light on us.

Artist Bio
Ela Spalding (Panama, 1982) is an artist~facilitator and cultural producer exploring the space of art as an elegant conduit to practice and convey expanded notions of ecology. Her professional background is in film, photography, dance and somatic awareness practices with a keen interest in sound and wellbeing. She is founder and Creative Director of Estudio Nuboso – a nomadic platform for exchange between art, science, nature and society, tackling environmental issues in different bio-cultural contexts in Panama. She is also a founding member of Archipel Stations Community Radio – a Berlin-based and international, cross-cultural web community radio with live and bandwidth iterations. She shares her time between Berlin and Panama.

Cobi van Tonder (11.8.)
Acoustic Atlas
Artist talk with Niki Matita

Artist Bio
Cobi van Tonder is an interdisciplinary artist who has presented over 40 works worldwide. Her innovative art/science hybrid projects involve the creation of new technological interfaces or software to enable artistic ideas. She explores diverse avenues of listening as art-making space that she describes as ‘expanded listening’. The most recent works revolve around microtonal drone music that explore difference tones and beating patterns, sonic illusions, and recursive layers of convolution reverb.

Salomé Voegelin
Listening to Noise and Silence: Towards A Philosophy Of SoundArt (11.8.)

Artist Bio
Salomé Voegelin is an artist and writer engaged in listening as a socio-political practice of sound. Her work and writing deal with sound, the world sound makes: its aesthetic, social and political realities that are hidden by the persuasiveness of a visual point of view. She has published three books and numerous articles, papers and essays that explore and expand the field of political and aesthetic thinking via listening. Voegelin is a Professor of Sound at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Marta Zapparoli
Echoes from Outer Space (13.8.)

Courtesy M. Zapparoli. Photo: Udo Siegfriedt

Echoes from Outer Space” is a site-specific performance
focused on Perseids meteor detection with the use of a 2m Yagi antenna
and SDR software.
During the night, for several hours I will try to detect
meteor echoes in real-time, subsequently transforming it with minimal
equalisation into a musical flow.

Artist Bio
Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, and self-taught researcher active in sound art since 2003. In her work there is a deep relationship between energies: electromagnetic radiations, sensory experience, acoustic sound and electro magnetic fields. She employs a wide range of experimental techniques and equipment, often using scientific and technological tools including antennas (many of them self-built) as well as detectors, radio receivers, and sdr, magnetic tape, sensors).

Out of the Skies

Guest streams, sky explorations and still more radio art from the depths of the aether

Archipel Stations
The Perseides (12. and 13.8.)
Archipel is stationing the heavens in both nights of the event, as always in the spirit of the archipelagic thought, blending a variety of content, formats and languages produced all over the world. Special contributions from Anne Lepère, Bartira, Angela Muñoz, Cassie Sturm and a live performance of Niko de Paula Lefort playing “micro-macro.

Artist Bio
Monaí de Paula Antunes is an artistic researcher interested on complexity and communication together with their material, spatial and political entanglements and has participated in many collaborative projects, especially Arts & Sciences collaborations, developing alternative transdisciplinary models for the articulation, research and display of complex phenomena. Niko de Paula Lefort is a French composer, performer and music technologist. His artistic statement implies that musical instruments are technologies for reaching higher levels of communication, perception and, ultimately, higher states of consciousness – that compositions and performances are meant to induce.

Radiophonien des Alls #1 (Gabi Schaffner) with:
Jacki Apple:
Voices in the Dark. (13.8.)

Photo from a 1990 performance in NYC. Courtesy Jacki Apple

Voices In The Dark is about interstellar conversations, radio waves, and sonic archaeology. Is there anyone listening and how do they interpret what they hear? How do we/they distinguish between real events and people and media-generated fictions?

Artist Bio
Jacki Apple is a visual, performance, media artist and writer, audio composer, producer. An internationally broadcast innovator of radio art, she is former producer/host of Soundings, radio show KPFK-FM, Los Angeles, and author of Performance, Media, Art, Culture. Selected Essays 1983-2018, Intellect, Bristol, UK 2019.

Anna Friz & Emmanuel Madan: The Joy Channel (13.8.)
This speculative radio art piece imagines a future where the airwaves are used to transmit not just sound but also human emotion. In a transformed social and political and landscape, dispersed nomadic communities practice a form of tele-empathic communion without devices. Corporate powers attempt to control the population by flooding the airwaves with addictive standardized emo-casts.

Artist Bio
Anna Friz is a Canadian sound and media artist and media studies scholar. Since 1998 Anna has predominantly created self-reflexive radio for broadcast, installation or performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the work. Her compositions reflect upon public media culture, environment and infrastructure, time perception, and speculative fiction.
Emmanuel Madan is a composer, sound artist, and curator based in Montréal. He studied electro-acoustic composition in the early 1990s under the direction of Francis Dhomont. Madan’s solo practice currently includes a strong focus on radio and transmission art. HIs work has received many distinctions, including two awards from the FCMM Festival in Montréal (1998, 2001), an honourable mention from Ars Electronica (1999), and nominations to the Nam June Paik prize (2004), the Transmediale award (2010) and the Qwartz award (2010).


Marold Langer-Philippsen
(12.8. 9:00-10:30)

MLP: Probably streaming from this vicinity…

Perseus, a basement dweller, who floated in a box over the ocean, overcame beasts, created mountains, is telling about the old times. Or is it a painter, a mathematician, a discobolus, a king, a locomotive, a submarine, a library, a constellation?

Artist Bio
Marold Langer-Philippsen, born in Munich, lives in Berlin and Bratislava, works as radio/media artist, director, performer, stage/exhibition designer and musician in the fields of time-based arts with particular attention to public space, theatre and live broadcast since 1984. His radio works were created for community radios in Europe, Public Broadcast Stations in Germany, Austria and Slovakia, Ars Electronica Linz and São Paulo Art Biennial.

Radiophonien des Alls: CWCH collective (13.8.)
Edition 4: Transcendental Trepidation

CWCH collective are worker-artists who convene a hive broadcast of indiscriminately gathered sound-pollen, transmitting codified messages to kindred folk. From April to July 2020, a potent gang of sound artists have played, exploring whatever was on their minds. 

Artist Bio
For the 4th edition it was Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington (Ürzig), Xentos Fray Bentos (Broughton), Frauke Berg (Düsseldorf), Katharina Bihler & Stefan Scheib (Saarbrücken), DinahBird (Paris), dieb13 & Billy Roisz (Vienna) Anna Friz (Santa Cruz) and Ralf Schreiber (Cologne).

Radiophonien des Alls: Johnathan Frigeri (12.8.)
The Cult of connection
This hour is dedicated to the cult of connection which will allow the listeners to connect to the invisible forces of radio waves. The dance of the spirit will give rise to disembodiment in order to reach the land of voices and travel in this space parallel to our perceptions.

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