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Preview: 10 |S|Cent Poems

Hey hey, the pink peony has something to tell – but what? Totally new and in the editing process are now ten poems about flower scents, sung the day before yesterday by the New Zealand artist Hans Kellett.
Voice and scent, breathing out and breathing in… Doesn’t it make sense to put words about fragrances into song? So, the (snap) dragon as/pirates in melody and modulation, and the opium poppy turns to whispered powder coloured in F sharp and treble B.

That day, still more sounds were added to my little scent recording box: percussion improvs by the Hamburg troubador Felix Schröder, who had freshly arrived from Finland and brought out his flute and tambourine.
What will emerge from this we’ll hear on August 8th too.

All 10 |S|Cent Poems were created in the Datscha garden ( – the pun is owed to a tradition of street poetry where poets create poems for passers-by on the fly for little money).

Parallel to Hans Kellett’s song pieces there will also be a woman’s voice: the Romanian radio artist Jasmina Al-Qaisi is arready all set to sniff at the papers.

10 |S|Cent Poems
Poems: Gabi Schaffner
Voice: Hans Kellett

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