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Atomic gardens, plant radio, argentinian flower songs: we are preparing for the Esta Es Una Plaza on the 23rd!: Alberto, kta, Maite e Romi.

For more than two weeks we have met, talked, spent time with each other, exchanged ideas, mails and sounds. I am happy, grateful and proud to say that Datscha Radio Madrid is making fast progress on all levels! I’d like to introduce the artists of the team and “the plan” here; the jingle is on it’s way too:)

Gabi Schaffner
Sound and Radio artist. Artistic director Datscha Radio www.datscharadio.de; www.rawaudio.de

Alberto García Aznar
Alberto develops his individual artistic work in the fields of sound art, fanzine, artist’s books and performance. Contributing artist in numerous collectives and events: Proyecto Equipo, Rayos Uva collective, Grupal Crew Collective, Indisciplinadas, SomosNosotros… He also works as sound technician at Radio Círculo (Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid).


Anna Katarina Martin
Conceptual artist. Works with: sound/video/instalation/performance/interactive and so on.  Together with artist and programmer Joaquin Diaz she’ll compose a Sensory Plant Communication Soundscape for our upcoming garden radio event.

Eva Pilarte aka Eva Kurly
International performer;  gardener and environmental monitor; different colaborations in radio stations; component of experimental music duo ¨ el atico de los sueños¨, Pamito guitars endosers


External Contributors:

Mahlet Ogbe Habte 
Sound installation and video artist. Born in Eritrea, she lives and works in Norway.  Among other places, she has exhibited at Heimat, Museo Revoltella, Trieste Italy, World Expo Japan Tokyo, and Bergen Group Exhibition at USF verftet. Additionally, she is a professional chef.


Romina Casile
Artist from Argentinia, works with sound objects and field recordings.

Coordination: Jesús Jara, Maite Camacho

Location: Esta Es Una Plaza, Calle Doctor Fourquet 24, Madrid


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