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Say It With Flowers

Whist another wonderful Datscharadio-day has started and our Morning Choir has passed the mike to the birds and bees, please let here speak the flowers – remember that it’s been only some hours ago that PLANTS AND EMPIRE made us listen to them in the most pleasant way you can imagine, so this is the chance to make the proof: lesson learned.

And what do the flowers tell us now? Well, they politely ask you for some patience: The Datscharadio-team is really busy with taking care of the live event. However, of course we’ll also add more pics and protocols here later, promised…

[Yes, we know: according to the traditional language of flowers it should be Leucanthemum vulgare speaking here. But then she has already been in blossom earlier, so we had to ask a relative of hers …]
Foto: A.I./VK | CC-BY

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