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Biotope-Apocalypso (Futur II)

Paradise Lost: City. While some of our cities want to embrace wilderness, allotment gardens are alternately flooded by rain or dried to dust by untimely persistent periods of heat. While blossoming trees are waiting in vain for pollinating bees and the Buddleja davidii lacks to attract butterflies, legions of hungry snails and larvae are gnawing down leaves and fruit – in case the fungi have left some of the latter.

And while together with the wild herbs – the so called weeds sacrificed to our industrial agriculture – also major parts of our beloved biodiversity is wiped off the planet, some global players continue to praise herbi- and pesticides as well as their multi-resistant crop, and try to take out the patents for whatever kind of life is going to survive.

That much for the present state. But what does this mean for the near future?

Sure: with respect to the Sunday rest we are not going to blast on the Trombones of Jericho. However, we’ll take the chance to muse about the ongoing transformations and the things to come. The good news: At least for today we’ve cancelled the acocalypso in the Datscharadio Garden. Thanks to our wonderful guests who are providing us with alternate perspectives. Yet this does not mean we’d suggest to garden on just as-is.

Therefore we will a.o. get a sneak peak preview of how it might feel to live with the next ice age, and we will travel to regions affected already by the current and future climate change… But more on this later – join us at high noon on air!

Foto: A.I./VK | CC-BY

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