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5 Days in August

Photo: Ulrike Stöhring

Datscha Radio 17 is already collecting rain water, digging the soil over and sowing new sounds…. in order to be able to impregnate the ether with fabulous radio art in August. For this, the 5 ladies of the curatorial team connected to an electrified fennel and came up with a motto for each day of the festival:

Friday, 25th August: Hortus Politicus | The Political Garden
Saturday, 26th August: New Symbiosis | Plants, Fish and the Acoustic BBQ
Sunday, 27th August: Biotopes in Future Perfect | Life After the Abolition of Species
Monday, 28th August: Birds and Bees | Urban Gardening and Music For The Animals
Tuesday, 29. August: Subterranean Meditations | The Imaginary Garden

We will discuss, count rain drops and speak of bees and ants. We will savour radio streams from far away countries and fertilize the garden with sound collages. A more detailed programme schedule will be published soon. Go on now, ground your antennas and angle them towards Berlin-Rosenthal!





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