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An Alpine Aboretum

Clover Aboretum

A secret garden is nestled in the alps, resting in the mountain off the Bogong High Plains Road that winds its way up to Falls Creek.
The arboretum was once a village of 17 huts that hosted the men and their families who worked on the Kiewa hydro scheme from the early 1940s before its damp and cold conditions were deemed a health risk in the 1950s and its residents moved back to Mount Beauty.
The huts were sold off and the place was flattened with the trees the workers planted left to thrive.
The arboretum has suffered losses in its years, 2003 bushfires wiped out 60 per cent of the trees and deer have prevented more trees from being planted until the local committee in charge can obtain metal guards to protect them.
Among the non-native trees you find the very European horse chestnut, Japanese Acorn, the Tulip tree and the inevitable Rhododendrons.

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