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Hejo – Heigh Ho!

“Hejo, spann den Wagen an”, a very traditional canon in German language. Sung at the table on occasion of Mme Stoering’s “Salon”. Topic of the evening war “music”.

      1. Hejo, Spann den Wagen an!
If you want to sing along, this is the German text:

Hejo, spann den Wagen an,
Sieh, der Wind treibt Regen übers Land
Hol die goldnen Garben,
Hol die goldnen Garben.

translates into:

Heigh ho! Hitch up the cart,
See, the wind drives rain across the land.
Fetch the golden sheaves,
Fetch the golden sheaves.

The English traditional is much less garden orientated:

Heigh-ho! Anybody home.
Food and drink and money have I none.
Still I will be merry, still I will be merry.

And then there is still a strange Low-German-English(?) dialect version:

Hey-o spun den wagon uns,
Set der ven tribt regen ubers lands,
Olde folin gabin,
Olde folin gabin.

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