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Zepelim Plant Conciousness and Communication

Zepelim Plant Conciousness and Communication

by Carlo Patrão. 30:45 min








“We’ve all heard about the experiments documenting how plant growth is affected by different genres of music. What we know less about are the experiments conducted all over the world that suggest that plants have a form of communication and almost pyschic perception of human intention and the events that occur in their immediate environment. This sound collage is composed of music made by codification of plant DNA, talking to plants, bioelectronic sensorial music, field recordings with contact mics, solar powered music, plant comunication and music inspired by plants.” (Carlo Patrão)

Carlo Patrão has been working in radio since 2007, when he became a member of the freeform radio station Rádio Universidade de Coimbra (www.ruc.fm).



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