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Composer’s Nightloop #4

Composer’s Nightloops #4: FarAwayGardens






 Photo: soundwalk collective




This nightloop is dedicated to environments located in less moderate climates than our Mid European garden habitat: Rainforests, deserts and prairies. But no rules without exceptions: Although France and England don’t seem to be so far away, we included, for poetic and comprehensive reasons, a rooftop bee-hive, the French radio portrait of an apiculturist as well as a walk through “Derek Jarman’s Garden”. Plus: Radio artist  Carlo Patrao presenting a show on plant conciousness and communication.

A definite highlight is the “Ayahuasqueros” soundwalk, kindly provided by Josie Holtzman, NY,  from the soundwalk collective:

Ayahuasqueros. Recordings from the Amazon, Peru, 2012
In collaboration with Francisco Lopez
Featuring Victor Nieto and Ushamano Walter Martinez

For a video snippet, please click here: http://vimeo.com/44449271

Composers of the FarAwayGardens nightloop are: Jaydea Lopez, Carlo Patrao, David Assoline, Samuel Mittelman, Jonathan Prior, Jeremy Narby, Stateimpact Texas (Report on How To Grow Tomatoes in the Desert), Sherre Delys and an anonymous Puertorican screechowl.

Playlist: playlist_faraway




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