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Composer’s Garden IV: The Tempest Hour

The Tempest Hour









“CG’s” forth edition comes along with rain, wind, thunder and lightning… and this time without an interview. Remember how it started? The lightning which struck down our Datscha-garden fir tree and then, magically, turned into a firework of ideas on how to conceive of a garden radio? Although the weather stayed sunny for the most part of our broadcasting season, the drumming of rain on our Plexiglas winter garden roof formed one of the most permeating sounds of our preparation phase. And then, there was John Blue’s accidental taping of the selfsame thunder/lightning-strikes-tree-bolt… Plus our collection of related field recordings, newly sent-in poems and other outcomes of our tempest research.

You will find the original Datscha rain sounds mixed into a radio-stream-feedback-track done by Pit Schultz and, less modified, as accompaniment of T. Tuonela’s “Boat” song (lyrics by Niina Braun, raw audio 2012 remix).

Artists of the Tempest Hour are: Mimosa Pale & John Blue (The Tempest Session), Alice Calm, Etienne Noiseau, raw audio (+ Teemu Tuonela/+ Stefan Bressel), Pit Schultz, Christina Morhardt. Additional Tracks: a snippet of BBC animated tales “The Tempest”, Brian Eno.

Playlist: playlist_tempest

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