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The Sixth Day

The Sixth Day






Photo: Marold Langer-Phillipsen: Datscha-Radio@Ibis-Lounge, Dresden




No, it is not that our Datscha has suddenly moved, but tonight we were broadcasting one hour via Marold Langer-Philippsen’s current location in Dresden: Somehow he got stuck there at an Ibis Hotel and decided to make his show from there: ORACULUM CYRILLI. But this was between 9 and 10 pm.

The actual day started with a TV-Team from WDR arriving to shoot some scenes for “Ratgeber Technik”. Datscha-Radio should explain how Web Radio works… and well, we did. Mark Matthes played the violin under the roseless rose arch and then left for Leipzig. Around 2 pm, Erica Mayr, an apiculturist for city bees arrived and we had a talk on bees and related issues, wonderfully accentuated by bee music. And a glass of honey, of course. As the afternoon wore on, more great shows were staged: One with Martin Howse from Mycelium Radio on Telluric Substrates, the other with the singer and harpnist Joulia Strauss. The weather was a dream. Parents, brothers, guests and friends arrived. Special surprise guest was Werner Gutmann who generously helped Datscha-Radio to a supply in beer, wine and bread. Thank you!
Late at night, another two royal blossoms opened their petals for us at Peter Ihlenfeld’s Queens the Night Garden. This time, they smelled of chocolate.


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