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The First Day

Datscha-Radio: First Day. Not Far From A Tree









The first day was adventurous. Stage fright with Ms. Schaffner at 12 a.m., first guests arrived at 12:15 with gardener’s gifts such as “fruit leather” and a basket full of walnuts and peaches. Arrivals: Verena Kuni, the unbelievably brilliant catering team with 4 excellent salads, the friendliest bar keeper in the world. Then an interview with Pankow District Councillor Dr. Thorsten Kühne. And the highlight of the day, a stunning concert with Mimosa Pale (singing saw) and John Blue (cello) … as you can see: “Not Far From a Tree”.

Broadcast of the day: “Paradise Hour”.  A reading by Matthias Scheliga, “Papapaparadies”, a radio play by Georg Klein, “Paradise”, and a soundwalk composed by  Sherre Delys: “Jarman’s Garden”.

Now it is 1 a.m. and outside in the garden world politics have come to the table. Just a while ago, the internet was down, but it’s up again!


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