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The Fifth Day

The Fifth Day

Part 1: The weather is drizzly, but later on it will clear up and the light will be just as on the EP cover  above. Of course there’s a reason for this placement: Around 6 pm we will have Gudrun Gut live with Mo Loschelder from Media Loca as Datscha-Radio studio guests. The Mark Matthes Kammerorchester has meanwhile also arrived. An apple cake is being prepared too.








Part 2: Almost 1 pm. Pit Schultz and Verena Kuni are presently excelling in the “ghost hour” with wolf sounds and anecdotes on Night people vs. Morning people as well as on dogs, cats and owls. Gudrun Gut got lost on her way to Datscha-Radio, walked her trolley almost to the neighbouring village of Lübars but was luckily re-captured. There evolved a very agreeable talk, together with Mo Loschelder from Media Loca (GG’s label), interspersed with lots of songs by exclusively female musicians. The Mark Matthes Kammerorchester started with some delay, some highly irritated neighbours turned up who demanded the volume (of violins, violins!) to be turned down. The apple cake – cooked by Michelle Teran– was gratefully received by everybody, by Mo’s aunt too. Iwanka’s (from Mix Cloud) niece climbed our trees and challenged Augustin for his third caught mouse: “Killing is evil”. Augustin was severely distraught and hid himself with his prey in the strawberries. Barbara Mürdter was also on-site, took a number of great photographs and found an interesting discussion partner in our garden neighbour Jürgen. Rindchen’s Weinkontor’s excellent wines found most grateful consumers, the marinated cutlets will remain with us for tomorrow, only Augustin’s food bowl needs a refill, but not until tomorrow, tomorrow….

By the way: yes, we had excactly the same weather as shown on the record cover above.

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