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Rose Garden Dreams

Rosengartenträume | Rose Garden Dreams

Night has fallen over the garden. The Datscha is nested in silence. The garden is sleeping. And the roses begin to dream.
Yet, our antennas are still receiving signals and we’re listening out to the frequencies drowning through the dark. Seems like there is some susurrration. Is it the long forgotten fragrance of the wild rose, mingling with all those odours that have been carried away over the day by the busy bees? Indeed, they left those of the rose garden: knowing well about the poisonous scents of the hybrids’ blossoms. Rose is a rose. But not every rose is a rose or not.
EWe are a sign, meaningless / We are painless and have almost / Forgotten speech in exile… Heavy are the dreams of roses and at the same time light. We’ll steal an hour from the night, for we want to share them.
Rose garden dreams with Hölderlin, Gertrud Stein, Chinese folk tales, Matmos and Wittgenstein.
No, we’ve never promised you a rose garden…

Bildchen: Rose is a rose. Is a rose. Or not. [license:VK cc-by-nc-sa]

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