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Composer’s Garden I

Composer’s Garden

Tonight, 10 pm the first stretch of the Composer’s Garden will be broadcast. The CG combines (usually) an interview with one of our open call artists with a selection of his or her works. For the remaining time, 1-3 other artists will be introduced. For the moment, we are preparing this first broadcast. So, images and links will be added later on.

Features artists today are: Dirk Huelstrunk (with interview), Etienne Noiseau, Sirpa Jokinen and Felix Schroeder.

The CG is also connected by it’s feel and content to the nightloop of the same night, in this case: Into the Forest.

Due to a breakdown of electricity last night (you might have noticed it) we decided to replay the whole loop which was also scheduled for last night. A new opportunity to take a walk into the forest of sounds!

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