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Sängerinnen im Regen

The weather forecast had shown a rain warning, yet the day started with bright sunshine and  stayed like this during our very first broadcast at 11 am at the Lähti park in Ii.

Our scheduled guests for this transmission were the curators of the art Ii Biennal, but! Propped up in the birdhouse our air on air mics picked up a different sound (different from the rustling wind in the pine trees, birches and the grass and the river): a song!

Along the pathways of the park a girl in a wheelchair and a social worker approached us speedily. As it turned out, Miia loves to sing. And she loves radio music, concerts and more singing.

The artist’s park of Ii is situated close the towns municipal center. There is the hospital, pharmacy, job center, retirement home and a support center for people with special abilities.

Later that morning we were joined by another radio-hunry group (we still had not started on our show), Paula, Jonas, Susanna, Timo, Sanna and Sirpa. Sirpa too proved to be a lovely singer. We chatted on about singing and our forthcoming program and the Art Biennal.

Of course, the radio day had then just started. You will read more about it in due time. This is it for now.

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