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Bald: Klangkunst Nachtschleifen

Due to cable rearrangements, the ‘air stream’ set-up in the birdhouse (masterly put together by Ii Art technical assistant Timo) now runs only on batteries. Depending on temperatures and weather these tend to die at some point during the night.

A great occasion to create a “Night Loop” consisting of a (re)broadcast of the ‘Air on Air’ sound art contributions and also a fit way to present longer works.

The NightLoops will start from approximately 1 pm (=death of batteries) and will play until 11 am.

We also have the pleasure to say that from the 17th on, our program will be by [Open Radio]: https://openradio.in

Nightloop I: 16th

  • Elisabeth Shores: On The Inhale 0:33
  • Stuart Mellor: Turbine 4:44
  • Kazuya Ishigami: Gods rhyzm of Kehi-Jingu Shrine and Wakesa bay 5:50
  • Martin Virgili: Campana – Acantilado (10 Chapters) 1:20:00
  • Joan Schumann: Shimmer & Loop 12:46
  • The Square Root of Negative Two: Vapor 15:24
  • Sebastian Pafundo: Gûlgaltâ = Calvariae = Calvario 8:00
  • Richard Zeiss: It’s a beautiful rain 7:36
  • Tzu Huan Lin & Campbell Watson: How’s the Weather ep1-4:
    Bad Weather in Puerto Rico 25:40
    Human Social Interaction 25:40
    Evolution 14:22
    Utopia 25:40

Guests on Friday, 17th of June 11am -1pm

  • Joana Quiroga: Ferment: From the Air Around You
  • Filips Stanislavskis: Human-Cloud Project
  • Kilottaa (Elsa Häkkinen, Miia Mäkinen, Sannu Vaarala): Transcendent Messages

Nightloop 2, 18th

  • Charlotte Law: hAir
  • Castelló_Domínguez Rangel_Moreno Vera_Somón Medina: Of Breath and Sound
  • Tiger Stangl: Oxygene / Sauerstoff
  • Isto_Rahkila_Diffuser
  • Ian Joyce: Blow Out for Air on Air
  • Juho_Rahikka: Soundscape (for Datscha Radio)
  • Lukas Noren: Orgelwind
  • Sol Rezza, Franco Falistoco: Yeast DNA

From the 16th (due to a tech failure In streaming) for some time:

  • Joan Schuman: Shimmer & Loop
  • Stuart Mellor: Turbine
  • The Square Root of Negative Two: Vapor
  • Elizabeth Shores: On the Inhale
    TzuHuan_Lin: How’s the Weather ep1-4
  • La Claud: Ondes
  • Martin Virgilio: Campana Acantilado
  • Neu:
    + Stephen Shiell: Vojak

Nightloop 3, 19th

  • Chelidon Frame: a_certain_sense_of_loss + Flatline Voyages
  • Dirk Hülstrunk: Chennai Air Condition
  • Gabriele_de Seta: Air, Membranes
  • Joana Jardim & Filipe Miranda: WRP
  • Jaakko Autio: _Love_Is_In_The_Air
  • Kate Donovan: The Dream will watch over it
  • Eva Sjuve: MetopiaDeepSignal
  • George Ridgway: pedagogy of the knot

Sunday: Last Show

  • Paint the Sky: Conceptual Artists
  • Hagai Itzenberg:  Involuntarily
  • Sebastian Pafundo: Gûlgaltâ = Calvariae = Calvario
  • Dirk Huelstrunk: Poem for Air
  • + Peter Courtemanche: Mechanical Velocities

only until 0:00

The above plus:

  • Lauren Wong: (Don’t) take my breath away
  • Wilfried Hanrath: Something in the Air (and in-between)
  • NKvdK (Nieuwe Klanken van de Keizer – The Emperor’s New Sounds): Planktone

Datscha Radio Ii would like to thank ALL participating artists!!!!!

Stay tuned: There’s more to the night!

—> Streaming right after midnight, the radio artist Marold Langer-Philippsen will start on “Hörmaschine”. Both on datscharadio.de and [open radio]

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