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Open Call: Rituale und Zeremonien der Nacht

(Übersetzung folgt) Uneven ground, restricted vision, and in the truest sense of the word ‘unforeseen’ obstacles: Walking in the dark activates different sensing abilities. Bodily boundaries shift and expand, and with them, thinking and imagination find new ways.
The night is also a ceremonial space. A multitude of rituals and ceremonies are performed all over the world during the night… but why? It is undoubtedly due to the neighbourhood of sleep, death and dream, which has always filled people with reverence and respect. Also in the modern everyday world, the transition from being awake to asleep, and vice versa, are marked by unobtrusive – yet important to the individual – rituals.

With “Night Gardening III” Datscha Radio wants to explore the ambience of night walks and rituals.

From sunset to sunrise, 5:57 pm on the 21st of October, until 7:45 am on the 22nd of October, 2019, we will be broadcasting straight from an allotment garden in Berlin.

What are these rituals and walks, introducing us to the absence of the sun? Datscha Radio wants to find out – and calls for your radiophonic input. Send us your darkest, funniest, weirdest private/stolen/hitherto unheard compositions and acoustic celebrations of the night!

Night Walks, Rituals and Ceremonies

  • Please provide two or three lines each about the piece and yourself including a website, if possible.
  • Please put “Night Walks, Rituals & Ceremonies” as a subject line.


Please submit your audio piece by the 15th of October, 2019.


Our Datscha Radio program will grow with the flow of the events that night. There will be no fixed time schedule. You’ll find a list of all participating artists on our website in due time.

Datscha Radio can be heard on

●      datscharadio.de

●      narrowcast in the garden itself

●      in collaboration with other radio stations and projects (if interested, please let us know)


Datscha Radio’s 2019 series “Night Gardening” explores the sensual and auditory spheres of the night. Our first episode dealt with the nightingale, while our second dealt with the transposition of smell into sound. We broadcast online via datscharadio.de and via micro FM in the garden(s).

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