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Erschienen: DR 17 Festival Dokumentation

It took a while to cook: our documentation of the fabulous 5-day August festival in 2017… but here it is! Both (Cake and booklet) were served on occasion of my “traditional” winter BBQ in the Datscha garden.
Much time was dedicated to lighting the fire bin (damp wood !), eating cake and drinking hot apple cider… next to browsing through 40 bilingual pages packed with individual essays and stories, images and graphics.

At the party our time was equally divided between trying to light the fire bin, eating cake, browsing through the  booklet while drinking Hessian hot apple cider… no time for photos! 

Fortunatly at least Valie Djordjevic shot a few: Thank you!!!
(Übersetzung folgt)


Genau: Fr. Schaffner und der Baum

Tiger/all girls berlin int. & radio artist Antje Vowinckel

Intense talks: Rafik Will & Helen Thein

All DR artists are invited to get their copy in print… if you didn’t manage now, you can have a view online on: https://www.academia.edu/35787807/Datscha_Radio_2017_Plots_and_Prophecies._Gardening_in_the_anthropocene

Or: contact me or come and fetch your copy at the wood ruff punch party  (that’s May then…). Please understand
that we don’t have the means to send those booklets via snail mail.

This post is also available in: Englisch

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