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28.1. Katalog Release

Out soon: Datscha Radio’s festival documentation “Plots and Prophecies”! And of course we’ll gather in the garden to celebrate :)

The booklet features five essays by the editors, each offering her personal perspective on radio, gardening and the topic of the day; author Rafik Will contributed a most insightful article on the event as it bloomed during those five days in August and there is poetry by our garden resident artist Hans Kellett.

Plenty of photos and illustrations too, and the best of it: It is bilingual! And hello, Artists and Supporters: get your free copies! If you can, straight from the garden party at the 28th!


We are looking forward to seeing you there –  let us know if you can make it: info@datscharadio.de

P.S. Last but not least: The audio archive is on its way into the digital universe. The first of our three audio casts “Midday Discussions”, edited by Niki Matita,  is available here: https://www.mixcloud.com/minimatika/datscha-radio-17-diskussion-am-mittag-zukunft-des-schrebergartens-niki-matita-g%C3%A4ste/

More shows will soon appear here (Thanks to Valeria Merlini!): https://www.mixcloud.com/datscharadio17/





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