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Unser Taipei Datscha Radio-Garden entsteht aus der Zusammenarbeit von Künstler*innen und Musiker*innen aus Taipei (und international) artists und dem Residenz-Programm des Treasure Hill Artist Village. Zusätzlicher Support: Goethe-Institut Taipei

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Zuhören auf eigenem Player (ab 22. Januar)http://radio.aporee.org:8000/datscha.m3u

Der Stream für Datscha Radio Taipei wird bereit gestellt von aporee.org
Wenn keine Sendung läuft, hört Ihr eine Nachtigall.

Oder direkt auf: http://radio.aporee.org:8000/datscha

Bring your radio with you to Treasure Hill. We’ll transmit on-site on micro-FM!In the following hours it will sprout broadcasts that are for each hour loosely arranged around a special topic. Don’t expect everything to grow as planned: There will be varieties in plant families, surprise vegetables and visiting guests spontaniously enriching the biosphere of our “listening garden”


Forecast for the 30th of January 2019
Live concert: NN
Artist Talk and presentation: Wu Tsan-Chen
Talks: Catherine Lee (director of TAV);
Cassandra/Erni (miniature hanging gardens/fruit wines)
DJ set: NN
Selected interviews: NN
Field recordings: raw audio

Show on 22nd of January 2019
Live concerts: Mabel Wang (Guzheng – Chinese zither) and Ely Liang (Dizi – Bamboo Flute)
Talks: Charlotte Ming Chun, Catherine Lee (THAV and TAV representatives)
Flowersongs of Taiwan: Ping
Field recordings: raw audio
Selected interviews: Audio walk through the Village led by Lily Liu
Rewat Panpipat (Poet); Ora Chacorn (Editor)

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