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Im Garten der Komponisten: Composer’s Garden III









Übersetzung folgt!

The 3rd round of Composer’s Garden related explicitely to the 3rd nightloop with its subject of “Noise,Clicks&Classics”. I had a very agreeable interview with Carver Audain from NY via skype, and we talked about his work and the atmospheres connected to it. We touched on the intriguing thought that one can actually have a sound in mind – or maybe even only the notion of a sound – and the composition proceeds from there… from the imagination of a sound.

Audain ” is a self taught pianist, his earliest works are explorations in harmonics utilizing the piano, electronic organ, guitar and cymbals. Materially, he produces audio using digital signal processing and editing techniques on a variety of environmental and instrumental recordings. His recent works explore harmonic structures utilizing the “slow change music” method. In a live setting, he arranges and manipulates this material into situation-specific compositions. Sonically, he produces an array of slowly shifting sound fields that merge and transform within their physical surroundings.” (from http://www.carveraudain.com).

The CG III got completed by the works of Jaydea Lopez (Australia), Udo Noll (radio aporée), the Austrian composer Gerald Resch and by Wojciech Morawski from Poland.

Playlist:  ShellshoreGardens


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