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Vorschau Kaamos Day, 20. Feb.

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Durational morning broadcasts:

A cold start: Ice Bathing in Germany
The Avant Garden goes on Ice. A Rebel Radio Selection.

Open Call Contributions and Miscellanies

Shorter pieces, lullabies, poems and field recordings

Guests in the Studio between 12 and 4 pm (Finnish Time):

  • Anita Hannunen – Residence Coordinator
  • Mika Tepponen – Head of the Merkanto Opisto, the Mänttä Music School
  • Tomi Voronin – Poet
  • Kirsi-Klaudia Kangas


  • Sleigh rides with and without horses
  • The Twilight Hour – with Merja Kääniäinen and Hannu, Keijo and Leevi Tuominen
  • Blinis & Moose: Food preparations and lunch with Tiina Nyrhinen, Anita Hannunen, Pauli Sivonen
  • Organ pieces played by Kaja Jantsikene in the Mäntta church
  • An introduction to the tradition of yoik singing by Kirsi-Klaudia Kangas
  • Kirsi Poutanen. A talk about Weeping Songs and Fado. With an introduction and a weeping song from quite another part of the globe, recorded by Mahlet Hates I as well as a lament about a very contemporary disaster: a corona weeping song, courtesy Emmi Kuittinen
  • The Upside Down Awake Fake World. A talk with Tixa Juka

Afternoon Ghosts
From noisy to eery to pareidolic phenomena whispers and revisiting dreams: More selections from the open call contributions.

Preparing for Mars

Last night studies and a phone talk

From 7 pm: Aelita II with Marold Langer-Philippsen

OPEN CALL contributions (non-binding) by :

  • Blanc Sceol via Charlotte Law
  • Chrisse Candolin
  • DJ Shlucht and Auguste Vickunaite
  • Eliot Hernandez
  • Felipe Otondo
  • Nate_Drums
  • Jaana Korhonen
  • Joan Schuman
  • Kate Donovan
  • Kirsimaria E. Törönen
  • Leon Crowes
  • Michael Begg
  • Pink Twins
  • Ricardo de Armas
  • Scant Intone
  • Silo Portem
  • Sound Art Class Björn Eriksson
  • Stelios Ginannolakis
  • Steves Bates
  • Tiina Tapio
  • Trihn Lo
  • Jimmy Galvin
  • Duncan Chapman
  • David Rothenberg and Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu
  • Ursula Rogg

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