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Open Call Artists

Dear Open Call Artists,

(Übersetzung folgt) thank you for your excellent, intricate and lovingly created submissions. All in all some 50 tracks from all over the galaxy reached the orbit of the festival. The spectrum of compositions was immense: From star-system snooker playing to in-depth imaginations of meteors, from dialogues with the whispering universe to space opera, from intricate sound webs to radiophonic invocations, from the drama of matter, stargazing and the human voice to full-blown radio show productions.

Two thematically different loops/Constellations were created for each of the festival nights.

I Voicing the Universe
August 12, 3-9 am (alphabetical order)

Beate Gördes – Sound–Imagination (Kosmos x1)
Bea Xu – Apocalypse Narratives
catenation – shrouded matter (li…
Cio D`Or – A4 Continuum
Feline & Strange – Science Fiction
Hairs Abyss – Remembering the West
Joan Schuman – Hyperacousia
Lynlee – Traceless Land
Lazy Lizzie & The Taxi Boat –Celestial Soup
Nina Könemann Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka und Nacht–Egal – der leere raum – konstellationen
Sista Goldie Bee and Steve Transcoder – Dark Crying Sky
Trihn Lo – DisApparences
Topp&Dubio – Am–I-Flow-sound
Weijing Xiao – Then I dissolve

II Matter of Space
August 13, 5am-10am
(alphabetical order)

Alice Pamuk – Snooker
Anna Stereopoulos – Amphilyce
Brainquake – Starfish
Chelidon Frame – Halimede (Neptune IX)
Cio D`Or – Permanent Key
Constantine Katsiris – NASA Spaceweather Broadcast
Das unpreetzise Klang–Labor – The Elements
Derek Harrison – Perseus Visits
Jacob Moginot – Magnetic Reconnection
Jaripekka Koho/Tulasi – Pulse of Perseids
Julia Drouhin – Jupiter at 6 pm
Julian Scordato – Earth Song
Karen Chalco – n4ziap
Keddie Victoria –AscendingNode
Lydia_Ang – Moth and Mayfly
Ruta_Vitkauskaite – Orion Arm
Sebastian Pafundo –LA CREAtion
Sebastiane Hegarty – Nothing for harp and southwest
Ubu Kung – Euclid

If you don’t find your name in the lists: Some productions will surface within the course of our still flexible 48-hour program. At this point, Datscha Radio cannot name precise slots. A more definite account of „Listening to the Universe“ will be added by later on.

Again, Datscha Radio wishes to express her thanks for your creative involvement. Let us listen, across the globe, with our senses exposed to the touch of the radio waves. We will hear us in the 5th dimension!

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