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Fluctuations / Datscha Radio © Gabi Schaffner

Datscha Radio will explore in radiophonic expeditions the unusual biotope of the Floating University and the program of the festival. In conversations with the artists and in interventions on site, Datscha Radio explores the modes of life and survival strategies of nature in a world shaped by humans.  At times an idyllic lake, sometimes a dried up wasteland, sometimes a swampland the size of a football field – the water retention basin of the Tempelhofer Feld fluctuates between effective area and dreamscape, biomass and place of retreat.

The programme can be listened to from 5.00  pm to 9.00 pm on local listening stations or on the internet at datscharadio.de, colaboradio.org, soundartradio.org.uk and cashmereradio.com.

Felicity Mangan: Amphi’theater (sound installation)
Ana Maria Rodriguez: Only for one day (sound installation)
Stefanie Loveday: Landfall, Collapse (video installation)

19:30h JD Zazie:
Goldilocks Zone (turntable, CD)
20:30h Pascal Arnold, Christoph Brünggel & Benny Jaberg: Still und Dunkel 
(audiovisual concert-installation)

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