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Whist another wonderful Datscharadio-day has started and our Morning Choir has passed the mike to the birds and bees, please let here speak the flowers – remember that it’s been only some hours ago that PLANTS AND EMPIRE made us listen to them in the most pleasant way you can imagine, so this is the chance to make the proof: lesson learned.

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During this summer the British artist Kat Austen has been exploring the arctic as artist-in-residence at the Scott Polar Research Institute of the University of Cambridge. Today she is our guest in the wintergarden studio to talk about her (sound)research at place – and of course to let us listen to some of the results.

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… of our water, apple cider and vodka in the Datscha Garden and generating sounds from them. Talking live about all this in our wintergarden radio studio with Kate Donovan.
Find out more about her projects and her research in the garden in our next blog post

Susann Richter
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Paradise Lost: City. While some of our cities want to embrace wilderness, allotment gardens are alternately flooded by rain or dried to dust by untimely persistent periods of heat. While blossoming trees are waiting in vain for pollinating bees and the Buddleja davidii lacks to attract butterflies, legions of hungry snails and larvae are gnawing down leaves and fruit – in case the fungi have left some of the latter.

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foto: Helen Thein

Dear all, this a quick letter from the breakfast table at Datscha Radio 17. Cloudy sky, sun rays coming through and an early phone call from the streaming tech master AB: There is still an issue with our nightloop stream not having been played last night. We sincerely apologize!!!! This minute our studio tech gulps down his coffee to check and fix this problem. 

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… with some beautiful noisy stuff from Singing Kitchen aka Kasia Justka

Foto: Susann Richter
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View from Julia Drouhin’s terrace in Sandfly, TAS 

The Datscha performance and concert garden is a wild yet poetic combination of musicians, performing artists, apiculturists and philosophically minded DJs and writers.

According to our theme days, we’ll share accoustic wonders and adventures with you, from black&white gardens and hidden elements to private bee stories, wired pots and pans, arctic soul searching, musical nightshades and mud boogies, German strange pop, watering can trumpeting… and more

The main time slot for all of this is between 4 pm and 11pm, varying times, please check our daily broadcasting schedule – available on this site from the 25th on.

You are welcome to visit: If so, please follow the directions given under “Directions”. The entry is free, donations for creature comforts would be welcome, and sending an email before would be greatly appreciated as the Datscha and its surroundings are not equipped for a large influx.


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foto: Gabi Schaffner

10-11 am
Datscha Radio’s “World Gardening” is dedicated to gardening strategies and observations from all over the world. Assembled according to the daily theme, short or long features and interview snippets, acousmatic interventions, texts and also excerpts from productions by other radio stations will be gathered here. From Zambezi to Iceland, from Germany to Australia, from England to Tasmania…

Saturday 26th August 2017
We enter a radio studio in Zambezi to talk about gardening and radio-making: a special from Radio Continental Drift / Claudia Wegener. Supplemented with Pomeranian cucumber recipes and Icelandic tomatoes.

Sunday 27th August 2017
Biotopes of the future – are they to be found in this world? Radio art from Brazil, an interview on Iceland’s horticulture, futuristic birds from Hong Kong, and two other surprises are on the programme.

Monday 28th August 2017
Urban gardens and garden-like environments, flower markets and birdsong: ethnographic sound bites from Sardinia, Tasmanian topiary art, defensive tactics of the fieldfare bird, and a literal description of London’s East End for gardeners in sound and language (en/de) congregate here.

Tuesday 29th August 2017
The “Subterranean Meditations” are devoted to the “material” and poetics of earth – in the widest sense: volcanic and glacial, stones, water, air, bacteria, caves and dwarfs.

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