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Whist another wonderful Datscharadio-day has started and our Morning Choir has passed the mike to the birds and bees, please let here speak the flowers – remember that it’s been only some hours ago that PLANTS AND EMPIRE made us listen to them in the most pleasant way you can imagine, so this is the chance to make the proof: lesson learned.

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During this summer the British artist Kat Austen has been exploring the arctic as artist-in-residence at the Scott Polar Research Institute of the University of Cambridge. Today she is our guest in the wintergarden studio to talk about her (sound)research at place – and of course to let us listen to some of the results.

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Paradise Lost: City. While some of our cities want to embrace wilderness, allotment gardens are alternately flooded by rain or dried to dust by untimely persistent periods of heat. While blossoming trees are waiting in vain for pollinating bees and the Buddleja davidii lacks to attract butterflies, legions of hungry snails and larvae are gnawing down leaves and fruit – in case the fungi have left some of the latter.

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foto: Helen Thein

Dear all, this a quick letter from the breakfast table at Datscha Radio 17. Cloudy sky, sun rays coming through and an early phone call from the streaming tech master AB: There is still an issue with our nightloop stream not having been played last night. We sincerely apologize!!!! This minute our studio tech gulps down his coffee to check and fix this problem. 

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And so it is said, on the morning of the Seventh Day the Garden of Eden was planted. Whether it really existed or not, we will never know. We still dream of paradise gardens. And in our own gardens we seek and find a slice of heaven and happiness. But for how much longer?

At the close of the Anthropocene, characterized by climate change and the sixth wave of extinction, this biotope of ours will not be spared. Indeed it is likely to fade away. Could the much-vaunted technological progress provide us with a remedy? Or will green life continue to exist in special areas where human access is denied? What will tomorrow’s gardens look like?

Join us for an acoustic day trip to biotopes in future perfect…

Verena Kuni (Curator/Editor)
Special for Morning Chorus: Miyuki Jokiranta
Concerts and Performances: Marta Zapparoli, Plants and  Empire.
Artist of the Day: Marold Langer-Philippsen with “Archie Archive In The Garden”

[Picture: created, chosen & inserted by Gabi Schaffner]

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The Datscha garden never looked as good as this before: The lawn edges aligned to central perspective (baroque!), the wintergarden orderly, the plots free from weeds with crumbly earth, the gutters functional again…  and the rose rejoices and looks up at the clear evening sky.


  1. Subbotnik (from Russian: [sʊˈbotə] for Saturday) were days of volunteer unpaid work on weekends following the October Revolution.
  2. My indestructable thanks go to Gero, Helen, Mathias, Tiger und Tina!!!!!! You are so great!
    Your Datscha garden lady.




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Expanded radio means that the medium of radio becomes connected to actions and settings that evolve around situations of listening, making radio or poetic metaphors…
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Only 12 hours left for your contribution to our Open Call. We are still looking forward to hear your garden sounds.

Bild: Gabi Schaffner
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