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Harakka Island Radio

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Harakka Island Radio

In case you didn’t know, 22 May is ‘Impossible Day’.
Day of the Impossible’. Finnish media artist and founder of the ‘nomadic academy of experimental art’, Kari Yli-Annala, invites you to artistic activities on the island of Harakka off Helsinki for a week from 22 May. This year’s theme is “The Magic of the Analogue”.

Datscha Radio is pleased to announce its sudden and surprising ‘mission impossible’ for 25-28 May 2023 in the guise of an experimental micro-FM station, Harakka Radio.

Together with the islanders, artists and guests, and under the roof of a former telegraph station, Harakka Radio will create a 3-hour live radio programme on FM for four days. Detailed information on this will be published in the next posts.

The Island

The island of Harakka (=”magpie”) is a 30-minute ferry ride from the centre of Helsinki, a predominantly flat and rocky plate of basalt and mica gneiss, criss-crossed with shimmering veins of a wide variety of minerals: magnetite, hornblende and the tourmaline-like, yellow-green epidote. The island of Harakka does not stand still: it continues to rise above sea level at a rate of 3-4 mm (30-40 cm per century). It is uninhabited today, but houses a nature conservation and education centre as well as various buildings and barracks from the time of the Russian occupation. The main venue for the event, the Nomad Academy, used to be the telecommunications centre. Unfortunately, nothing remains of the technical facilities today.

The Radio

The radio is set up in a former telegraph station with a kitchen.

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Harakka Radio will only be listenable on the island and only via short wave (FM) radio. The live program focusing on the psychogeography and ecologies of the island will therefore take place partly in secret; visitors are asked to bring their own receivers.

Inter/national and Helsinki-based sound, tape and radio artists: You are cordially invited to present your works to the island audience.

Curious about:

  • Magnetic tape recordings and experimental tape music
  • Non-digitally produced/recorded sound art
  • Decelerations
  • If you are interested in performing live, send 100 words info to info@datscharadio.de

The deadline for submissions is 20 May. Detailed information is described in the Open Call.

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