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Wake up: Datscha Radio News!

This spring is different. It’s a good thing there’s radio! We’ve put together some special radiophonic seeds for you and will send them to you on air in the near future. Miraculously, there are various “seed distribution resources” that will support their dispersal.

New broadcasting studio in Berlin
On March 31st, the new FRBB studio will open in Haus der Statistik on Alexanderplatz in Berlin. From 3 – 10 p.m. there will be contributions by Colaboradio, frrapò – freies radio potsdam, Ohrfunk.de, Ohrsicht, onda, Pi Radio – Sender Berlin 88,4 MHz, Radio aporee, Freies Bürgerradio Slubfurt, Radio PAX, Radio Woltersdorf, Studio Ansage…. and to be heard from Datscha Radio.

“Datscha Radio in a Nutshell” is the title of the 10-minute sound collage that Niki Matita will present as part of her contribution. (Listen here at the sidebar on the right – credits at the end of this post). We are happy to participate and congratulatefr-bb.org on the new studio!

Matters of Transmission at Soundcamp, London
Kate Donovan’s contribution to the Soundcamp Festival in London is expected to be streamed between May 2nd and 3rd. “Matters of Transmission: Nightfall Radio” will begin at sunset and relates directly to Kate’s radiophonic research: natural radio, magnetite, memory, migration, multi-species communications, trans-scalar issues…
SoundCamp is an art collective in the Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe that has existed since 2013. Their practice continues to evolve in response to its location through residencies, collaborations and commissions.

Vienna has also discovered the “garden on the radio” for itself. As part of this theme park, Kunstradio will seemingly broadcast a 50-minute soundcollage about Datscha Radio on May 20. Produced by Elisabeth Zimmermann and Gabi Schaffner.

Datscha Radio in a Nutshell – Credits
Composition and editing: Gabi Schaffner 2020. Length: 10 min
Excerpts taken from:
Jingles, rehearsals and mixes: 2012, 2014 Michaela Schimun, Ulrike Stoehring, “Datscha Owl” by Sarah Washington 2012; Nightgardening III: Gabi Schaffner, Niki Matita; Datscha Radio Taiwan, 2019: Catherine Lee, Yi-Chun Liu, Mabel Wang and Ming-Chun Cheng; Datscha Radio Madrid, 2018: KTA Martin, Romi Casile, Alberto Garcia. Eva Kurly.
Radio art pieces (in order of appearance): Babosa, Niki Matita 2019; Seeds, Kate Donovan (with Scout, Molly and Hunter from their garden) 2019; Greenhouse Emissions, Kate Donovan and Ryan McFadyen 2017, Gymnospermium Pills, Gabi Schaffner, 2019, voice: Kate Donovan
Surprise insert: The Giant Hummingbird. Frieder Butzmann at Datscha Radio 2017
Choir: The Nightingale by Thomas Wheeler, sung by the Berlin choir Singlust e.V. under the direction and by courtesy of Andrea Eckhard. Datscha Radio Nightgardening I, “The Night of the Nightingales” 2019
Musicians involved: Hannes Wienert, Mimosa Pale, FX Schroeder
Additional sound bites: Gabi Schaffner

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