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when a radio studio is set up in a winter garden…

… the garden does not like to stay outdoors…

Gabi Schaffner talks to Hans Kellett about the day to come. Matthew Burnett watches over the faders of the mixer, which he will not take his eyes off of for the whole day.

Fotos: Susann Richter

At noon…

… The Hidden Story Singers enter the studio to start the radio program with feminist power.

Three curators in intimate conversation

Such heavy charms cause the stream to give up which has to be revived several times on that very day.

The only cure is to take away the colour and picture the garden in black and white.

Dirk HülsTrunk talks to Shanti Suki about white noise, black blocks and gray word weed in the gaps between the lawn and outdoor tiles.

In our first Surprise Minuit the Datscha Crew gathers around the Datscha bonfire, an old gramophone that warms us up with culinary jazz classics.


For the upcoming four days we promise to pick up the plain and unspectacular sounds on the edges of perception. And we will fix the stream. Promise!


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