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8 degrees, rain, wind gusts at 37 km/h: A perfect day to make radio outside next to a river and a pine tree! The air… was… wet!

Scheduled for today at 12 was the “Air Nets” performance by the artist Inari Virmakoski at the Jakkukylä suspension bridge some 5 km away.  We decided to split up: Ms Schaffner would stay at the station, watching the weather and tending guests and sound art works; Ms Friedrich would go, see the performance and report via telephone into the radio mic.

Radio guest of the day was Kai, who punctually appeared at 11:30. Offering him a glass of cold water seemed somehow superfluous, and we started our talk with a pronunciation exercise of his surname: LATVALEHTO. (I remember him telling me a much much longer version of this one which I looked up from the internet.) Kai Latvalehto knows the region well, having moved  over from Sweden to the region of Ii at the age of 13.

We talked about the weather, climate change (“Black Christmas” even in the North in 7 out of 10 years) and his work as a project manager of the Kripa-project/Northern AiR.

The Kripa project aims to create permanent supporting structures for the field and to increase the international competence for the local cultural actors in Ostrobotnia. It is a part of the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland, funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Currently there exist six residency location, namely in Ii, Kuusamo, Hailuoto, Raahe, Oulu and Kärsämäki.

I asked for the website, and here it is: https://www.northernair.fi/en/

Shortly after he left, the phone rang. There was Tina reporting about the preparations of Inari’s performance: constant drizzle of rain, people with umbrellas in various colors, the curators shepherding the artloving crowd of ca. 30 people, a bridge spanning the river, a camera team on location… and amidth it, dressed in a shining yellow rain coat, the most wonderful looking artist, holding a mass of white material in her arms.

From the bridge itself “Air Nets” were dangling down and dancing in the rain gusts… just like giant “Jelly fish”, Tina reported.

The connection broke and kept on breaking during the telephone transmission. In between, the following works from the open call were presented:

  • Joan Schumann: Shimmer & Loop
  • The Square Root of Negative Two: Vapor
  • Sebastian Pafundo: Gûlgaltâ = Calvariae = Calvario.
  • Richard Zeiss: It’s a beautiful rain
    And the first episode of
  • TzuHuan_Lin_How’s the Weather ep1-4: Bad Weather in Puerto Rico

By the time Ms Friedrich reappeared from the expedition, I was thoroughly frozen over. And she too. The station was packed into the box, the ‘air of Ii’ microphones activated and off we went in search for some hot hot hot cups of tea at the Kulturikauppila.

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Die Nachtschleifen: Composer’s Nightloops



Die composer’s nightloops sind eine Collage aus den Einsendungen, die wir zum Open Call von Datscha-Radio erhalten haben. Ein (sehr) kleiner Teil stammt außerdem aus frei verfügbaren Online-Quellen wie  Freesound, free music archive oder filestube.

Ich habe sie weitläufig in 3 Felder unterteilt: In den Wald hinein ; NoiseClick&Classics ; FarAwayGardens. Jede Schleife hat eine Dauer von etwa 3 Stunden und ist als eine Playlist für zufällige Reihenfolge konzipiert (oder funktioniert als solche in der Art eines “Objet trouvé”).

Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf dem Hören – mit oder ohne Zuhören. Datscha-Radio ist von Euch allen begeistert. Vielen herzlichen Dank an Euch!

Composer Nightloop #1: Die erste Nachtschleife vom 24. 8. ist eine Sammlung meiner eigenen Arbeiten (raw audio). Nur drei Stücke davon sind nicht von mir, sondern Teil meines “StrangeFolk&WeirdCountry -Archivs.



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Nightloop #3: NoiseClicks&Classics


Übersetzung folgt

Whoever thinks of noise as a concept unfit for “the garden”, gardening or nature, is mistaken. Wind and waves are noise. The rustling of leaves is noise. Lawnmovers, saws and hedgecutters are noise. The neigbour’s radio sounds are “noise”. Noise could be defined as sound in absence of harmonic structures. Then again. Listen closely.

But what whim took over her to combine “noisy, electronic” tracks with contemporary classical music?
This was done to create a fitting pendant, or a counterpoint possibly. “Classical music” is usually connoted with “harmonic structures” and “harmonic structures” are deemed a lot more suitable for garden music… But just as with different gardening concepts there are different concepts of contemporary classical music. Be it the use of mathematical or aleatoric principles, of sung poetry, of experimental scores (for example the drawing of a leaf serving as a musical “instruction”), even the mix with “real” field recordings, not speaking of the actual situatedness of the concert/playback… almost every new school of music (from ages on) working in a different mode, seeking different harmonies has been attacked of creating “noise” .

Now, whether it is “noise”, drones, sinus waves, just “ugly” fieldrecordings, classical compositions bordering on atonality, orchestrated chaos or a meandering along a contrapuntal walk… with NoiseClicks&Classics you may continue to rely on your curiosity.

And for the whole beauty of it, I put some nightingale songs in it, too.

Featured composers are: Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Gerald Resch, Nikolaus Gerszewski, Miquel Parera, José Manuel Garcia, Udo Noll (radio aporée), Emanuele Constantini, William Engelen, Peter Cusack (Radio aporée), Wojciech Morawski, Daniel Blinkhorn, Carver Audain, Pit Schultz, Jaques Foschia, Toni Dimitrov, Attila Fias & John Kameel Farah, Stijn Demeulenaere, RawAudio.

Playlist: Playlist_Clicks




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Datscha-Radio: Der erste Tag. Not Far From A Tree








Der erste Tag war abenteuerlich: Lampenfieber bei Frau Schaffner um 12, erste Gäste vor Ort um 12:15 mit Gärtnergaben wie “Fruchtleder” und eine Packung Walnüsse und Pfirsische. Ankunft Verena Kuni, Ankunft unglaublicher Catering-Service mit 4 exzellenten Salaten, Ankunft freundlichster Barkeeper der Welt, Live – Interview mit Stadtrat Dr. Thorsten Kühne und anschließend ein wundervolles Konzert mit Mimosa Pale und John Blue… wie man sieht und der Performance-Titel verhieß: “Not Far From a Tree”.

Sendung des Tages: “Paradise Hour” mit einer Lesung von Matthias Scheliga, “Papapaparadies”, einem Hörstück von Georg Klein, “Paradise” und einem Soundwalk von Sherre Delys : “Jarman’s Garden”.

Jetzt ist es 1:00 Uhr und draußen wird am Gartentisch noch Weltpolitik verhandelt. Davor fiel kurz das Internet aus, geht aber wieder!


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