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Nightloop #3: NoiseClicks&Classics


Übersetzung folgt

Whoever thinks of noise as a concept unfit for “the garden”, gardening or nature, is mistaken. Wind and waves are noise. The rustling of leaves is noise. Lawnmovers, saws and hedgecutters are noise. The neigbour’s radio sounds are “noise”. Noise could be defined as sound in absence of harmonic structures. Then again. Listen closely.

But what whim took over her to combine “noisy, electronic” tracks with contemporary classical music?
This was done to create a fitting pendant, or a counterpoint possibly. “Classical music” is usually connoted with “harmonic structures” and “harmonic structures” are deemed a lot more suitable for garden music… But just as with different gardening concepts there are different concepts of contemporary classical music. Be it the use of mathematical or aleatoric principles, of sung poetry, of experimental scores (for example the drawing of a leaf serving as a musical “instruction”), even the mix with “real” field recordings, not speaking of the actual situatedness of the concert/playback… almost every new school of music (from ages on) working in a different mode, seeking different harmonies has been attacked of creating “noise” .

Now, whether it is “noise”, drones, sinus waves, just “ugly” fieldrecordings, classical compositions bordering on atonality, orchestrated chaos or a meandering along a contrapuntal walk… with NoiseClicks&Classics you may continue to rely on your curiosity.

And for the whole beauty of it, I put some nightingale songs in it, too.

Featured composers are: Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Gerald Resch, Nikolaus Gerszewski, Miquel Parera, José Manuel Garcia, Udo Noll (radio aporée), Emanuele Constantini, William Engelen, Peter Cusack (Radio aporée), Wojciech Morawski, Daniel Blinkhorn, Carver Audain, Pit Schultz, Jaques Foschia, Toni Dimitrov, Attila Fias & John Kameel Farah, Stijn Demeulenaere, RawAudio.

Playlist: Playlist_Clicks




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Nachtschleife 2: In den Wald hinein

In den Wald hinein

“In den Wald hinein” versammelt  in der Mehrzahl “waldige” Aufnahmen und Kompositonen. Wiesen, Bäume, Rosen, literarische Beiträge und Klangspaziergänge… Für den “Wald” wurden außerdem (wenige) kleinere Schnipsel aus dem Internet eingefügt. Die Playlist ist momentan noch ungeschönt. Die angegebenen Titel (einige von diesen noch Arbeitstitel) werde noch korrigiert.

mit Daniel Blinkhorn, DinahBird, Dirk Hülstrunk, Els Viaene, Etienne Noiseau, Michael Gatonska, Alexander Baker, Heidrun Schramm, Jorge Luis Borges, Lasse-Marc Riek, Mark Matthes, Norinen,  Patrick Franke, RawAudio,  Sirpa Jokinen, Terry Riley, William Engelen, hark, rawaudio/Fx Schroder.

Im Mittelpunkt stehen im wesentlichen Feldaufnahmen, doch dann wird diese “Ordnung” auch wieder umgangen. Es gibt keine wirklichen Regeln, wohl aber Atmosphären.





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